Week 30

Our Week

Math – We completed Chapter 13. Some of the students in 3-B Math are still working on their tests. Graded tests should come home later this week. In Chapter 14 we will learn all about geometry! Lessons include: angles, polygons, triangles, and quadrilaterals.

**Keep practicing those basic math facts with your third grader!!!**

ELA – In writing, we are working on adding more evidence to our opinion writing. In reading, we read a story all about different animal in Antarctica. In Grammar, we are finishing up with adjectives and adverbs. In the weeks leading up to the PSSA tests, we will review parts of speech, subjects & predicates, and other concepts that we have learned throughout the year.

Content – As part of our multi-cultural unit, we learned more about Africa. We had some amazing conversations about how our lives are very different from the lives of children in Africa. However, despite our differences, we learned that we have a lot in common, too. Thanks to Rachel for introducing us to her sponsor child. The third graders loved seeing a picture and learning more about an actual child living in Africa.

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests, Mad Minutes due, Library Books due

Wednesday – Sneakers!!

Looking Ahead

4/8 – 1:30 Early Dismissal

4/11-4/14 – ELA PSSA Testing {Please do not schedule morning appointments.}

4/15 – Reports Distributed

4/19-4/21 – Math PSSA Testing {Please do not schedule morning appointments.}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Mrs. Binkley

Week 28

Our Week

Math – Chapter 12 tests are graded and unless your child is working test corrections, should have come home last week. We started Chapter 13, which focuses on area and perimeter. We used a lot of hands on practice last week. After noticing that our floor looked a lot like square units, we took some masking tape and started making figures. In my homeroom, we also practiced finding perimeter outside….any chance to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

20160308_143755 20160309_141107

Content – Our Matter unit test is this Tuesday. I sent home study cards last week. As we wrapped up our unit on matter, we did one of my favorite activities…Oobleck!! Ask your child: Is Oobleck a solid or a liquid?

20160309_101424 20160309_100903 20160309_100859 20160309_100849 20160309_100831 20160309_100825 20160309_100735

Language Arts – We wrapped up a fun monster writing project. The final products were pretty cool!! In grammar, we have been learning about adverbs. This week is a spelling review week. There is no super speller list and if your child earned a 100% on the pre-test, he/she will not have a spelling list this cycle.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the GORGEOUS weather this week!

20160308_141318 20160308_141547 20160308_141816 20160308_142054

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes

Tuesday – Matter Unit Test

Wednesday – All About Me Poster Paper Due

Thursday – Spelling & Vocab Tests

Friday – PE, wear sneakers!

**Don’t forget to send in Box Tops!!**

Looking Ahead

3/24 – March Book Orders Due

3/25 & 3/28 – No School

4/1 – End of 3rd Marking Period

4/11-4/14 – ELA PSSA Testing (Please do not schedule morning appointments)

4/19-4/21 – Math PSSA Testing (Please do not schedule morning appointments)

Mrs. Binkley

Week 27

Our Week

Math – We are wrapping up Chapter 12. We will have our test this week and then begin Chapter 13. Chapter 13 focuses on area and perimeter.

Language Arts – The students have been learning about theme this cycle. We have used fables to explore common themes in literature. In book clubs, we have finished or will be finishing our chapter books. The books we read all focused on slavery and/or equal rights for everyone. I was so impressed with the conversations I had with my third graders about these really important topics. You are raising incredibly thoughtful and sensitive children.

Content – The students have been hard at work creating posters in small groups. We just finished up and I can’t wait to see the final products!

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes are due

Wednesday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests

Thursday – PE…wear sneakers!! Spring Pictures are today.

Looking Ahead

March 25 & 28 – No School

April 1 – End of 3rd Marking Period

April 8 – Early Dismissal

I’m looking forward to another great week with my third graders!!

Mrs. Binkley