Week 6

I am so impressed by each and every third grader in this class. They are working hard and trying their best with everything that we do. Please pay careful attention to the upcoming schedule, as there are several important event in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Diehm


This Week

Math: We have been working hard on mastering subtraction. Our Chapter 3 test will be next week!

Reading: We read a biography about Ellen Ochoa. She was an astronaut. Ask your child to tell you what they learned about this amazing woman.

Writing: We are learning to use a dictionary, so that we can spell word correctly when we write. We can also use our dictionary to look up the meaning of unknown words when we read.

Science: This week we focused on the water cycle. Stay tuned for an exciting water cycle experiment at the beginning of next week.

Spelling: We have been practicing our Lesson 4 spelling words. Our lesson 4 test will be on Tuesday October 4th.

Grammar: We are practicing writing simple and compound sentences. We learned how to take two simple sentences and combine them together to make a compound sentence.

**This week we had our first Binkley Bucks Store! Ask your child to explain what they had to do in class to earn Binkley Bucks to spend at the store!**

Ask Your Child

What is a simple sentence? What is a compound sentence?

Next Week…

Tuesday October 4th: Spelling Test, Vocabulary Test

Wednesday October 5th: Picture Day



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Classroom Phone

Hi 3rd Grade Parents! I just wanted to make you aware that my classroom phone is currently not working. It is in the process of being fixed, and I will let you know when it is up and running! At this point the best way to reach me is by email, but if you do need to reach me by phone you may call the office and leave a message with Mrs. Jacoby. I will call you back as soon as possible! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Diehm


October Book Order!

Hi Third Grade Parents! Today your child will bring home an October book order from Scholastic. They will also bring home a coupon that is good for one free $5 book if you order $10 worth of products from the book order. To use the coupon, simply order $10 of products from the book order and fill out the coupon with the free book you would like. Submit the coupon with your order by Thursday October 20th! The coupon includes directions on how to use it when ordering online. Please let me know if you have any questions about this awesome offer! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Diehm

Week 5

Hello 3rd grade families! I hope your child is enjoying third grade and telling you about all of the exciting things we did this week! We have a lot going on the next few weeks, so please pay careful attention to the schedule for the week ahead. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Diehm


This Week

Math: We finished our chapter on addition and took our Chapter 2 test. All of the third graders worked really hard! Our next chapter will focus on subtraction.

Reading: We read Schools Around the World. We talked about how nonfiction and fiction text are different. Ask your child to tell you about the different text features that we find in nonfiction text (heading, index, glossary, captions, diagrams, etc.). We will continue to work with these text features next week.

Writing: We will be starting a new writing project in the coming weeks, but this week we did a special writing project that required us to take notes and write an informative writing piece about one of our classmates. Thank you Ana for being our student of the week! We are anxiously awaiting pen pal letters to come from Miss Sangrey’s 3rd grade class at Pequea.

Science: We discussed the difference between physical and chemical changes. Ask your child to describe the two different science experiments we completed this week!

Spelling: We have been practicing our Lesson 3 spelling words. Our lesson 3 test will be on Monday September 26th.

Grammar: We practiced identifying the subject, predicate, and verb in a given sentence. We are getting really good at editing our sentences so they are perfect!

Ask Your Child

What is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?

Next Week…

Monday September 26th: Spelling Test, Vocabulary Test

Wednesday September 28th: Reading Calendars Due

Friday September 30th: Book Exchange (bring library books to school)

Wednesday October 5th: Picture Day

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Week 4

We had a great week in 3rd Grade!! It was so nice to talk with so many of you during our Meet the Teacher event. Here is an overview of our week and the week to come. Enjoy some pictures I took this week as well! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Diehm


This Week

Math: We continued learning different addition strategies and ways to add numbers in Chapter 2. This coming week we will have our chapter 2 test.

Reading: We read The Day Eddie Met The Author. We focused on the setting and characters of this story.

Writing: We finished our “All About my Selfie” writing. This project was proudly displayed on Meet the Teacher Night.

Science: We identified the different properties of liquids and gases. Stay tuned for some pretty cool science experiments!

Spelling: We took our lesson 2 post test. Our next pretest will be on Monday September 19th. Spelling homework will be due on Wednesday September 21st.

Grammar: We continued to practice with subjects and predicates. We are also learning to edit mistakes within sentences.

Ask Your Child

What is the setting of a story?

Next Week…

Monday September 19th: Book Exchange (bring library books to school)

Wednesday September 21st: Spelling Homework Due

Thursday September 22nd: Chapter 2 Math Test

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Week 2/Week 3

Thank you so much for your patience as I have been adjusting to taking over the classroom for Mrs. Binkley. My plan is to blog each Friday (just as Mrs. Binkley would) with updates from the previous week and reminders for the coming week. I have LOVED the first five days with this awesome group of 3rd graders. I am very excited about their love for knowledge and their desire to learn. Each week I will give a quick recap of what we covered in each subject and a preview of what is coming up! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Diehm



Math: We took our Chapter 1 math test and began Chapter 2. Chapter 2 will focus on addition. We learned about the properties of addition and patterns that can be found in addition. We will have a Chapter 2 quiz on Wednesday September 14th! Your child should be practicing their basic facts (MAD MINUTES) for five minutes each night. Their Mad Minute chart will be checked each Monday in math class.

Reading: We read Ruby the Copycat. We learned the difference between first person and third person point of view. We will continue to learn about the different elements of a story and why they are important to the story (characters, setting, plot, etc).

Writing: We have been working hard on our “All About My Selfie” writing projects. We are very excited to share these with you on Meet the Teacher Night.

Science: We learned about the three different states of matter (solids, liquids, and gasses). We have begun to identify the different properties of these states of matter and how matter can change from one state to another.

Spelling: We took our first post test and our second pre-test this week. Spelling homework is due on Tuesday September 13th. Our second spelling post test will be on Friday September 16th.

Grammar: We learned that a sentence is made up of two parts; a subject and a predicate. We will continue to do more practice with editing and building sentences during our grammar time.

Other: We had our first book exchange with Mrs. Ulmer. Ask your child to see the books they checked out of the library.

Ask Your Child

What are the commutative, associative, and identity properties of addition?

Next Week…

Tuesday September 13th: Spelling Homework Due

Wednesday September 14th: Chapter 2 Math Quiz

Thursday September 15th: Meet the Teacher Night 4-6 PM

Friday September 16th: Lesson 2 Spelling Test

Lesson 2 Vocab Quiz

Early Dismissal–1:30

**I apologize for the lack of pictures from this week’s activities. I will be sure to post pictures with next week’s blog. Thank you for your understanding!**

Meet Landon


Landon Charles Binkley

Mr. Binkley and I are so excited to introduce you to our newest addition, Landon!! This little guy is 7 lbs 10 oz of pure sweetness!

Mrs. Diehm is excited to step in while I am out for the next 12 weeks. I will be in contact with Mrs. Diehm throughout the time that I am gone. I told her to take lots of pictures of all of the fun they are having in third grade. I will make sure to send her updated pictures of Landon to share with the kids.

Enjoy this long, beautiful weekend with your families!

Mrs. Binkley