Week 21

Our Week

Math: This week we wrapped up our chapter on fractions. Mrs. Wright’s class took the chapter test today. Mrs. Binkley’s class will take the test on Tuesday. Our next chapter will focus on measurement.

Reading: This was a review week in reading. We spent some time applying our understanding of facts and opinions. The students had to read witness statements taken from made up crime scenes and determine if what the witnesses said were facts or opinions. We continued our detective theme with our inference lesson on Thursday.

Writing: This week we started an opinion writing piece. To squish or not to squish, that is the question?? Any idea what we might be writing about?

Content: Next week we will start our new science unit.

Spelling: The Lesson 16 spelling list will come home on Monday.


Next Week

Monday – New Vocab and Spelling Lists, Math CDT Testing

Tuesday – Book Exchange, 3-B Math Test

Wednesday – 100th Day of School!! Bring sneakers for PE

Thursday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests


Looking Ahead

2/14 – Valentine’s Day Party

2/17 and 2/20 No School

2/22 – Kids at Work Day

3-B Detectives on the Case

The students inferred that the criminal was hungry because lunch boxes were open and candy was removed from the cabinets and spilled on the floor.

They also inferred that the criminal heard someone coming, which is why they stopped writing in the middle of the word class. I wonder what the note would have said!?

The fact that a Penn Manor Wellness umbrella was left behind made the students infer that perhaps the criminal was a Penn Manor teacher. The Toys ‘R Us bag made the students believe that it was a teacher that worked with young children. Inside the bag they found a flashlight, a receipt, and some cold medicine. Poor Mrs. McElheny became a suspect because she has a cold. 🙂

The shaving cream on the table was a mystery…why the shaving cream? We didn’t figure it out, but we did discover shaving cream finger prints high up on a bulletin board, which lead the students to infer that the criminal was taller than most third graders.

Was the chair on the desk just a way for the criminal to throw us off and make us believe that he/she was short? That was what some of the detectives inferred.

I can’t wait to hear the new ideas they have tomorrow!

Mrs. Binkley

The Mystery in 3-B

Hi Parents,

I am guessing that your child is going to come home today very excited to tell you about a “crime” that happened in our classroom. When the students returned from special, they found that someone had knocked over chairs, moved backpacks, opened lunch boxes, spilled candy, sprayed shaving cream, and so much more. The students made observations and inferences to try to determine who made the mess and what they were trying to do. The students left school with a lot of inferences, but no definite conclusion.

Shhhh…it was me! 🙂 So much better than learning about inferences by completing a worksheet!

I wanted to make sure that you knew that there was no real crime today at LeTort. There was also nothing actually taken from the classroom. Some  students were convinced that things had mysteriously disappeared from their backpacks, but I’m guessing that the excitement of the afternoon made them forget what was actually in those backpacks.

I hope that your child had as much fun as I did this afternoon. Days like today are one of the reasons I absolutely love my job!

Pictures of the crime scene and mini-detectives to be posted later!

Mrs. Binkley

Week 20

Our Week

Math – We spent the week exploring fractions. The third graders learned how to represent part of a whole and part of a set. We also discovered that you can represent fractions on a number line. We will continue our exploration of fractions this coming week.

Reading – This week we had a lot of fun with author’s purpose. We also read a story about how animals and insects use a hole in a tree. During Lesson 15, we will practice making inferences, which can be a tricky skill for third graders.

Content – We wrapped up our Lancaster County History unit this past week. The students created brochures about several different famous locations around Lancaster.

Spelling – The Lesson 15 list was sent home on Friday.

On Friday, we had Amish Day in 3rd grade. At the beginning of the day, the students picked an Amish name and chose a grade level (grade 1-grade 8). We then turned off the lights and had our very own one-room school house. In the afternoon, we made our own Amish quilt and snacked on traditional Amish food. It was an awesome day!

Ask Your Child

What do you call the number on the top of a fraction? What about the number on the bottom of a fraction?

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Spelling Homework is due

Friday – Spelling Test, Report Cards come home

Looking Ahead

February 14 – Valentine’s Day Party

February 17 – No School (Snow Make-Up Day)

February 20 – No School

February 22 – Kids at Work Day

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Go Steelers!

Mrs. Binkley

Book Exchange & Amish Day

Just a reminder that we now have Book Exchange on Day C. Tomorrow will be our first Book Exchange of the 3rd marking period.

On Friday, January 20th, we will have Amish Day in 3rd Grade. I sent home outfit suggestions with the students today. Friday is also PE, so please make sure that your child has sneakers.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Binkley

Welcome to the PIE Cafe!

Today we had a lot of fun practicing identifying author’s purpose. When the students returned from special, our room was transformed into The PIE cafe and I was no longer Mrs. Binkley…I was baker Binkley!

The bakers-in-training were given the task of reading short passages and identifying the author’s purpose (Persuade, Inform, or Entertain…PIE).

As a reward for their hard work, we played a game of PIE Face! Their faces crack me up!!

We had the best day!

Mrs. Binkley…aka baker Binkley 🙂

Week 19

Our Week

Math: This week we started Chapter 10: Fractions. This is one of my favorite things to teach my third graders. Fractions are fun!

Reading: Our story this week was called “One Small Place in a Tree”. Our focus skill is author’s purpose…think PIE! During book clubs, most groups have finished or are finishing up their current chapter books. Our new books will teach us about important people in our history, including Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman.

Writing: This week we worked on finishing our New Year’s Resolution writing. We are also in the process of completing a fun narrative writing project. This group continues to impress me with their passion for writing!

Content: In Social Studies this week, we talked about famous people from Lancaster County. The students worked in groups to create posters. We will spend early next week learning about interesting places in Lancaster County.

Spelling: Our Lesson 14 test will be on Thursday.


**Book Orders are Due – I will be submitting the order on Monday**


Next Week

**This is the first week of the 3rd Marking Period – Please Note the Change in Specials**

Cycle Day A – Music

Cycle Day B – Tech

Cycle Day C – Library/Book Exchange

Cycle Day D – PE

Monday – No School

Tuesday – Cycle Day A

Thursday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests

Looking Ahead

January 20th – PTO Movie Night

January 27th – Report Cards Distributed


Here are some pictures from our Pajama Day – How cute are they in their jammies!?

Week 18

Our Week

Math: We are wrapping up Chapter 9 and will begin Chapter 10 next week. In Chapter 9, the students learned about the Associative and Distributive Properties of Multiplication. They also learned how to write and evaluate expressions and equations. I told them that I didn’t learn the word “variable” until I was in middle school or high school. I’m so impressed with how hard they have worked to learn these tricky concepts!

Reading: This week we discussed Author’s Purpose (think PIE!). We also read a new story, “A Tree is Growing”.

Writing: This week we discussed New Year’s resolutions and the students had decide what their resolution would be for 2017. We then wrote about our resolutions and the ways that we plan to achieve our goals.

Content: This week was all about Lancaster County History! We learned that the Susquehannock Indians were here first. We also found out that William Penn and Hans Herr came to Lancaster for religious freedom. We will learn more about famous people from Lancaster County when we continue our unit next week.

Spelling: Our Lesson 13 test will be on Tuesday.


Next Week

Tuesday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests, 3-B Math Test, Sneakers

Friday – Early Dismissal, Cycle Day A (this is one of those strange cycle day switches)

                                                                                       Looking Ahead

January 16th – No School

January 20th – PTO Movie Night

January 27th – Reports Come Home

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Party and the Lunch Bunch we had this week.


Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Binkley