Week 25

Our Week

Math – We are continuing to work our way through Chapter 12. The students are learning how to represent data in a variety of ways. This coming week, we will learn how to measure to the nearest half and quarter of an inch. We will then practice displaying our measurement data.

Reading – This week we learned more about theme. We also learned that good readers make mental images when they read.

Writing – We are just starting to tackle a five paragraph opinion writing project. I love seeing how much my students have grown as writers. I’m so proud of them!

Content – We learned about three different types of energy – light, heat, and sound.

Spelling – Lesson 19 lists came home on Friday. Homework is due on Tuesday and our test will be on Thursday.

I was bummed to miss Kids at Work Day on Wednesday, but was so glad that Mr. Rohm could be there to take pictures for me! How cute are all of these kids??!!

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Wear Sneakers

Tuesday – Spelling Homework is due

Thursday – Spelling Test

Looking Ahead

March 9th – Talent Show

March 10th & 13th – No School (Snow Make-Up Days)

Mrs. Binkley

Week 24

Our Week

Math – This week we completed Chapter 11. Our next chapter is one of my favorites! The students will have fun collecting data and representing it in a variety of ways. Make sure that you are still practicing basic math facts!

Reading – This week we learned about theme and how to identify the theme of a story. Theme = THE MEssage of the story!

Writing – We wrapped up some different writing projects this week. In grammar, we have been learning about verbs and prefixes.

Spelling – The Lesson 18 Test is on Wednesday

Last week, the class earned 30 googly eyes, so we celebrated with ice cream sundaes on Friday. (Don’t worry Colin and Zach…we saved some ice cream for you!!)

Our Week Ahead

Monday – No School

Tuesday – Wear Sneakers!

Wednesday – Kids at Work Day, Lesson 18 Spelling and Vocabulary Tests

Friday – 1:30pm Early Dismissal, Book Exchange

I hope that you are enjoying this gorgeous weather. See everyone on Tuesday!

Mrs. Binkley

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had the best time at our class Valentine’s Day Party! Thank you to all of my fabulous parent volunteers! I feel so very lucky to have such amazing, supportive families this year!

I love this group of kiddos and really enjoy days where we can just have fun and laugh together.


A Few Reminders

Tomorrow is Book Exchange. Please make sure that your child comes to school with his/her library books.

School will be in session this Friday, February 17th. There is no school on Monday, February 20th.

I will be submitting the February Book Order on Friday. Don’t forget that if you order online, you can order from any grade level’s book orders! Scholastic’s Website: Online Code ND39H

Week 23

Our Week

Math: We are continuing to work our way through Chapter 11. This week we practiced telling time to the nearest minute. We also learned how to find time intervals (also known as elapsed time). This can be a tricky skill, so we will continue to practice it next week.

Reading: This week’s story was a play called “Little Bear Cubs”. We also read Aesop’s fables to help us practice comparing and contrasting.

Writing: We spent the week writing an informative paragraph about how to avoid getting sick. If only we could all actually avoid getting sick! In grammar, we are learning about verbs and prefixes.

Content: This week we continued to learn all about energy!

Spelling: The Lesson 17 test will be on Tuesday.

We had to take advantage of the beautiful weather this week!


Next Week

Tuesday –Valentine’s Day Party, Sneakers for PE, Lesson 17 Spelling Test

Tuesday – New Spelling List

Friday – Spelling Homework is due, School is in session today!


Looking Ahead

2/20 – No School

2/22 – Kids at Work Day

2/24 – 1:30pm Early Dismissal

Mrs. Binkley

Week 22

Our Week

Math: This week we took our math CDT tests, which assess the students’ understanding of a variety of math concepts. We also started Chapter 11. We learned all about capacity. In 3-B math, we used a story called “The Land of Gallon” to help us remember the customary units of capacity.

Reading: This week’s story was called “Lon Po Po”. Our focus skill is Compare & Contrast. The students were able to use a Venn diagram to compare themselves to a classmate. Our current read aloud book is The BFG. We all look forward to reading about Sophie’s adventures with the Big Friendly Giant!

Writing: Students have been working on finishing their opinion writing – To Squish or Not to Squish? We also wrote about what we would do with $100 on the 100th day of school. In Grammar we have been learning about verbs.

Content: This week we began our new science unit…physics!! We had a lot of fun using roller coasters to learn all about kinetic and potential energy.

Spelling: The Lesson 16 spelling test is on Monday. A new list will come home on Tuesday.

Next Week

Monday – Spelling & Vocabulary Tests

Tuesday – New Spelling & Vocabulary Lists, Wear Sneakers

Thursday – Spelling Homework is due

Friday – Talent Show Forms are due

Looking Ahead

2/17 and 2/20 No School

2/22 – Kids at Work Day


Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Binkley

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is definitely one of my favorite days of the year. I LOVE seeing the sweet old men and ladies walk through my door in the morning. Who wouldn’t love faces like these…

Thanks to the Aging Booth app for these hilarious pictures!!

Here are some more adorable pictures from today. The outfits were so creative and funny!! Thanks for helping your 3rd grader come up with such great ideas!

Happy 100th Day of School!

Mrs. Binkley