Flashlights and Funny Faces

Hi Parents,

If you see this in time, can you please have your child bring a flashlight to school tomorrow (Thursday)? Thank you!

Now onto the funny faces…

To make PSSA test prep fun, we added some jelly beans! If they dared, the students were given the option of trying a Bean Boozled Jelly Bean with a correct answer during our grammar review. I loved capturing the moment when they discovered if they were eating a chocolate flavored jelly bean or a canned dog food flavored jelly bean, a Tutti-Fruti or a Stinky Sock…you get the idea. 🙂

Many of my pictures are just of students’ backs as they ran to the trash can to spit out the jelly bean!

Don’t forget to return your “Top Secret” envelopes on Friday!

Mrs. Binkley

Week 29

Our Week

Math – We continued to learn about area and perimeter. We now know how to find the area of a rectangle and a composite figure. We will finish the chapter this coming week.

Reading – We read a story called “Antarctic Ice”. In the story, we learned how animals in Antarctica use the ice for a variety purposes. We also worked hard on reviewing concepts that we learned earlier in the year. I have been so proud of how hard my students are working. They are awesome!!

Writing – We continue to work on our opinion essays, and we also worked on an informative essay this week. This is such a creative group of writers! In grammar, we played a little “baseball” to review parts of speech. So much fun!!

Spelling – Lesson 23 list came home on Friday {We skipped Lesson 22 for now, but will come back to it}

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Sneakers for PE

Tuesday – “Who am I?” Posters are due!! I cannot wait to see them! Spelling homework is due

Thursday – March Book Orders are due

Friday – Please return the “Top Secret” envelope that I sent home last week, Sneakers for PE, Early Dismissal, Spelling test

Looking Ahead

April 3rd – April 6th – ELA PSSA Testing

April 7th – Field Trip forms are due

April 14th & April 17th – No School

April 25th-  April 27th – Math PSSA Testing

Thank you for continued support at home!

Mrs. Binkley

PSSA Snacks

Hi Parents,

PSSA Testing starts on Monday, April 3rd. During the testing period, third graders will have a later lunch. To help the students get through the long morning, I would like to be able to provide them with snacks. I have created a Sign-Up Genius for the snacks that we will need. If you are able to send in any of the snacks, it would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link for the sign-up: PSSA Snacks 

Additionally, students will be allowed to bring in water bottles, gum, and/or hard candy during testing. I will send more information on this next week.

As always, thank you for all of the support that you provide at home. I am so thankful to have amazing students and families!

Mrs. Binkley

Dance Party!

Sometimes, in the middle of a long school day, you just need to let loose and dance! It was less than 10 minutes of our day, but our 3-B Dance Party was my favorite part. I love looking at the pictures and seeing the pure joy on their sweet faces.

Week 28…all 2 days of it!

Our Week

Thanks to the snow, last week was a short week. I hope you all enjoyed the unexpected days off with your kids. It was nice to be home with my family, but I was happy to get back to my other kids. 🙂

Math – We are learning all about area and perimeter. We are also busy reviewing concepts that we learned earlier in the year. In 3-B math, we used Cheez-Its to apply our understanding of area and perimeter.

Reading – We did a fun sequencing activity on Friday. The students applied their understanding of sequencing, while helping two characters plan a birthday party.

Writing – We are continuing to work on our opinion essays. In grammar, we worked on some St. Patrick’s Day themed grammar.

Spelling – The Lesson 21 list should have come home on Thursday.

On Friday, a leprechaun visited our classroom and left a mess…and some golden chocolate coins! Check out all of the GREEN in 3-B!

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Spelling Homework is due

Tuesday – Wear sneakers for PE!

Friday – Bring library books, Spelling Test

Looking Ahead

March 28th – Who Am I Poster Project is due & Spring Picture Day

March 30th – March Book Order is due

April 3-7 – ELA PSSA Testing

April 25-28 – Math PSSA Testing

*Reminder – Please try to avoid scheduling appointments during PSSA testing. Thank you for support!

Mrs. Binkley

Week 26 – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Our Week

Math – We are about to begin Chapter 13. In this chapter, we will explore area and perimeter.

Reading – This past week was Dr. Seuss’ birthday! To celebrate, we turned off the lights, turned on the (youtube) fireplace, and snuggled up with good books.

Writing – The students are hard at work on their opinion essays. We have also continued to work on verbs and prefixes in grammar.

Content – We learned more about sound energy this week. We experimented with glasses of water to see if the amount of water impacted the volume or pitch.

Spelling – The Lesson 20 spelling list should have come home on Friday. If your child had a 100% on the pretest, they will not have to take the post-test this lesson.

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Spelling Homework is due

Wednesday – Bring library books for Book Exchange

Thursday – Lesson 20 Spelling Test, Talent Show, Sneakers for PE

Friday – No School

Looking Ahead

March 13th – No School

March 31st – 1:30 Early Dismissal

April 3rd-7th – ELA PSSA Testing

April 25th-28th – Math PSSA Testing

**We ask that you try to avoid scheduling appointments during PSSA testing.**

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mrs. Binkley