Week 34

Our Week

There are no words that could adequately express just how proud I am of my sweet third graders. I always get emotional on the last day of testing, as I reflect back on the year and all of the effort that my students have put forth. They are an amazing group of kiddos!! No matter the scores, I am ridiculously proud of all of them!

When we weren’t taking the math PSSA tests, we were busy learning more about biology. We even pretended to be bees and pollinated flowers with pollen (Cheetos crumbs!).

We spent some extra time outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

We also shopped at The Binkley Bucks Store & had fun with our school spirit week.

Thank you for all of the support that you provided over the last month of testing. The kids LOVED their daily testing notes from you and really enjoyed the yummy snacks that were sent to school.

Our Week Ahead 

Monday – Library Books

Tuesday – Spelling Homework is due, Wear Sneakers

Thursday – Spelling Test

Friday – Field Trip {More information/reminders will be sent home this week}

Looking Ahead

May 12th – Early Dismissal/Laps for LeTort

May 19th – PTO PSSA Fun Day

May 23rd – Awesome Activity Day

May 24th – Popcorn and Poetry

May 29th – No School

Mrs. Binkley

Week 33

Our Week

Math – Last week we had a lot of fun (at least I hope it was fun!) reviewing math concepts from earlier in the year. We played a lot of games and worked with partners at centers. We also learned how to make change with money.

ELA – We have been making our way through the book, James and the Giant Peach, in anticipation for our upcoming field trip. We have also been working hard on different types of poetry. We even went outside for inspiration for our Haiku poetry.

Content – We continued to talk about the life cycle of plants. We learned more about photosynthesis and pollination. Our lima bean plants have been a bit of a failure. Bummer! We will be replanting beans this coming week.

Our Week Ahead

**We will have Math PSSA testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Children may bring hard candy, gum, and water bottles on those days. Just as with ELA, testing will be in the morning.**

Monday – Dress like a Super Hero, Spelling Test

Tuesday – Wear Sweatpants or Comfy Shorts

Wednesday – Wear Sneakers for PE, Wear a Hat

Thursday – Wear Sunglasses

Friday – Wear Something Blue

Looking Ahead

*I LOVE this time of year…look at all of the fun things we have to look forward to!!*

May 5th – Field Trip to Central Market & Fulton Theater

May 12th – Laps for LeTort/Early Dismissal

May 19th – PTO PSSA Fun Day

May 23rd – Awesome Activity Day

May 29th – No School

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

Mrs. Binkley

PSSA Spirit Week

In order to build school spirit during Math PSSA testing, LeTort will be having a spirit week! See below for the attire for each day of the week.

Monday- April 24–“Show Your Super Smarts”– Dress like a Superhero
Tuesday–April 25–“Don’t Sweat it!” –Wear sweatpants or comfy shorts
Wednesday–April 26–“Put on Your Thinking Cap!” –Wear a hat
Thursday–April 27– “We’re so Bright!” –Wear shades/sunglasses
Friday–April 28–“We “BLUE” the Test Away! ” — Wear the color Blue!

Week 32

Our Week

Reading – We took advantage of the beautiful weather this past week and read our story, “Bat Loves the Night” outside. We also enjoyed our read aloud, James and the Giant Peach, outside under the trees.

(I think I might need to invest in a selfie stick…my arms can’t get 21 people into a picture!)

Math – We completed Chapter 14, which is the last chapter in our 3rd grade math book! This coming week, we will practice making change with money. We will also do a lot of fun review in preparation for the Math PSSA test. Last week we ended our week with a math review egg hunt outside. It was so much fun!

Content – To help us learn more about the life cycle of plants, we planted our own lima beans. We put the beans in a baggie with water and cotton balls. We will be observing the beans over the next several weeks.

Spelling – We took the Lesson 22 spelling test last week. A new list will come home tomorrow.

Last week, we “Egged” our Academic Support Team teachers. Each student decorated an egg with a note of appreciation for these “egg-straordinary”   ladies. I love how excited the kids get to spread love and kindness. They have such big hearts!

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Return Report Card envelopes

Wednesday – Library Books

Thursday – Wear Sneakers

Looking Ahead

April 25th – April 27th – Math PSSA Testing

May 5th – Field Trip to Fulton Theater and Central Market

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I am looking forward to see my sweet 3rd graders tomorrow.

Mrs. Binkley

Week 31

Our Week

With ELA PSSA testing last week, we skipped reading and writing, and instead focused on math during the afternoons. Although on Thursday, we celebrated the end of testing by watching movies with 4th grade. It was the perfect way to end a long four days of testing. On Friday, we kept the celebrating going with pajama day! Next week we will be back to our normal schedule.

Our Week Ahead

Monday – New Vocab List

Tuesday – Spelling Homework Due

Wednesday – Sneakers for PE

Thursday – Spelling Test, Report Cards Come Home

Friday – No School

Looking Ahead 

April 17th – No School

April 25-27th – Math PSSA Testing

Enjoy this gorgeous Sunday!

Mrs. Binkley

Pajama Day

Four days down, only three to go! We are officially done with ELA PSSA testing! We will have a two week break before three days of math testing. I am so incredibly proud of my students. Not only did they work so hard this week, they also reached their goal of 30 googly eyes. As a reward, they have chosen Pajama Day! Your child may wear pajamas and/or bring a stuffed animal. Your child may wear slippers in the classroom, but should have other shoes to wear around the building and out at recess.

Week 30

Our Week

Math – We completed Chapter 13. Students in 3-B math will complete test corrections the week after PSSA testing, so tests will not come home for a couple of weeks. I apologize for the delay.

ELA – We had fun this past week reviewing skills that we had learned earlier in the year. On Thursday, we worked as a whole third grade to review grammar and practice our inferring skills. Students put on their detectives hats to solve some mysteries. They had to use the text and their own background knowledge to crack the case!

Content – The kids had a chance to share their “Who Am I?” posters this past week. They were AMAZING! I loved learning all about my third graders and their families. Thank you for your support with this project.

Spelling – We took our Lesson 23 test on Friday. Look for tests to come home this week. There will be no spelling list during ELA PSSA testing.

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Thursday: ELA PSSA Testing

Reminder: Students are allowed to bring hard candy (Jolly Ranchers, mints, Lifesavers, etc.), gum, and water bottles to school during testing. Thank you to everyone who sent in extra candy and gum. Also, a huge thank you to all of the parents who donated snacks for our testing days. It is so appreciated!!

Monday – If you have not done so already, please return the “Top Secret” envelope to school. I will be placing the Day 1 letters on the students’ desks tomorrow morning.

Thursday – Wear Sneakers

Friday – Please return all field trip forms

Looking Ahead

April 14th & 17th – NO School

April 25th-27th – Math PSSA Testing

Tomorrow morning may be stressful for some of your kiddos. For others, they will just be excited to come to school and eat candy and chew gum {It’s the little things!}. No matter what, give them an extra squeeze as you send them out the door.

The days will most likely be long, so I will not be sending home any homework this week. Enjoy your homework free evenings!

Mrs. Binkley