Week of December 10, 2018

Math – We began Chapter 9. In this chapter, we learn about the Distributive Property and Associative Property of Multiplication. We also learn how to write expressions and equations. I told the kids that I didn’t do this until I was in middle school or high school! My goal is to try to wrap up Chapter 9 by the end of this coming week.

ELA – The students have been hard at work writing their own readers’ theaters. They are excited to perform them for each other this coming week. We have continued to talk about central message. In grammar, we have learned about action and helping verbs. Ask your child if he/she can tell you the number of helping verbs (hint: there is a song that we sing about them!).  

Content – We are currently in our Earth Science Unit. Last week we learned about weathering and erosion. 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to send in supplies for our class party on Thursday. It is SO appreciated! 

Check out these very talented singers/recorder players. They performed for the school last week, and they did such a great job! 

Week of December 3, 2018

Math – Last week we continued to work on our multiplication and division skills. We have now learned all of our facts. Now our goal is to work on memorizing these facts. Practicing for a few minutes every day at home will make a big difference! We will take our Chapter 8 test this coming week. 

To practice our facts, we played a game of Math Fact Memory

ELA – We have been focusing on identifying the central message (the lesson) of a story. During this unit we have been reading a lot of reader’s theaters. We will even get to write our own reader’s theaters this coming week! In grammar, we are focusing on verbs. In writing, we are learning how using our 5 senses to describe things makes our writing more interesting. 

We looked in magazines to find examples of verbs – turns out verbs are everywhere! 

Content – We wrapped up our unit on Lancaster County History. Last week we learned about famous places in Lancaster County, including some that we will visit during our field trip at the end of the year! 

I have been introducing a lot of new brain breaks. Here are Kyler and Noah playing one of our new favorites! 

Don’t forget to wear your ugly sweater or other holiday apparel tomorrow!