Enrichment and Intervention Time

Hello Parents!

As most of you probably know, we have Enrichment/Intervention Time (E/I) built into our schedule. After a break for academic testing, we will start our E/I groups again tomorrow. We will be incorporating reading fluency, decoding, and math stations during this time.  Academic Support staff will be supporting students to help them reach reading and math benchmarks.  These groups will be flexible and may change throughout the year as students progress.

Mrs. Binkley

Week of January 21, 2019

Math – Last week we completed Chapter 10: Fractions and started Chapter 11: Measurement. Some students brought their Chapter 10 tests home in their Friday Folders. Other students are still working on test corrections and will bring home their tests this coming week. During Chapter 11 we will learn how to tell time to the nearest minute, solve elapsed time problems, and estimate mass and capacity.

ELA – We read about Martin Luther King, Jr. and learned about the impact that he had on our country. We also continued to work on our Stone Fox character trait posters. The students love this project!

We also spent some time reading with our kindergarten buddies. We love this special time with them!

Last week was a long and sometimes emotional week. I continue to be impressed with the love and empathy that this groups of kiddos shows for others. They have the biggest hearts!

Mrs. Binkley

Week of January 7, 2019

Math – Last week in math was all about fractions! We practiced identifying fractions of a set and fractions of a whole. We also learned how to determine if fractions are equivalent. We will continue our chapter on fractions this coming week.

We played a little “Fraction Basketball” and practiced with some pizza.

To celebrate how well we were understanding fractions, we had a little parade!

ELA – We continued to read Stone Fox. It is almost the day of the big race…we cannot wait to find out what happens! We are also working in groups to identify traits that describe the characters in the book. In grammar, we are looking at prefixes and suffixes.

Content – Last week we learned about the different layers of soil. This coming week we will discuss the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

Spelling – The Lesson 17 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming THURSDAY!

A Look at Our Week Ahead

We have a full week ahead of us! Here is a look at what we have planned:

Math – Last week, we started Chapter 10: Fractions. We learned how to identify fractions of a whole and fractions of a set. We will continue to explore fractions this week. We will learn how to identify fractions on a number line, how to compare fractions, and how to determine if fractions are equivalent.

ELA – As a whole class, we will be reading Stone Fox. We started the book last week and left off at a pretty big cliffhanger. We are excited to find out who was waiting at the door…

We also started new books in guided reading. The groups will be reading about important people and events in our country’s history: The Underground Railroad, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I am always so impressed with how these stories really showcase the big hearts of the kiddos in my classroom. They all have such a hard time understanding how people could have treated other people so poorly. They get pretty passionate about it. I always really enjoy our discussions.

Content – Last week the students read about fast processes that change the earth’s surface. The students used what they learned to create their own quiz on the topic! We will continue with our Earth Science unit this week.

There will be math homework this week. I hope that you enjoyed the break from homework over the past few weeks…I know as a parent that a break from homework every once in while can be nice. 🙂

We will also be having spelling and vocab tests on Friday.

Looking forward to a great week in 3-B!

Mrs. Binkley