Week 10

Math – We took our Chapter 5 test on Thursday and made corrections on Friday. Look for tests to come home in this coming weeks’s Friday Folder (which will come home on Thursday). We will continue with multiplication and division over the next few chapters. In Chapter 6 the focus will be multiplying and dividing by 2, 5, 10, and multiples of 10.

We were lucky enough to have a traveling math lab come to LeTort. We had so much fun exploring these hands on math concepts.

ELA – We are continuing to practice finding the main idea of a text. In writing we are working on my favorite writing project of the year. We are excited for you to check out our hard work when you come in for parent-teacher conferences.

Content – The kids took their global address quiz on Friday. This coming week they will be quizzed on map vocabulary and the compass rose.

Spelling – There is NO spelling list this coming week…enjoy the week off!

Homework – Calendars are due on Monday. As always, thank you for signing your child’s calendar every week.

We had so much fun painting pumpkins with our kindergarten buddies! Thank you so much for sending your child to school with a pumpkin. This activity is always a highlight of the year.

Important Reminders

*Please make sure to return your parent-teacher conference form. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at conferences!

*If your child did not bring a pumpkin today, you can still send one in tomorrow. Thanks so much for helping with this fun buddy activity!

*October Book Orders are due on Friday. For every book you order, our classroom can earn free books for our library.

Week 9

Math – We completed Chapter 4 and jumped right into Chapter 5: Division. These kids continue to amaze me with how quickly they pick up new math concepts.

We practiced our division skills by figuring out how we would equally share cookies.

ELA – We learned how to make our writing more interesting by using similes. We also read a story about a police officer and his K-9. We took our “Aero and Officer Mike” Vocabulary Quiz on Friday. There will be NO vocabulary list this coming week.

Content – On Friday, the kids were lucky enough to have Mr. Rohm teach them all about using maps. Not only does Mr. Rohm know a lot about icky candy, he is also an expert on all things Social Studies. This coming Friday the kids will take their “Global Address” quiz.

Spelling – We took our Lesson 6 test on Friday and our Lesson 7 lists were sent home. We will take our Lesson 7 test this coming Friday.

Homework – Homework Calendars will be collected on Monday.

Week 8

Math – We had a lot of fun learning all about multiplication last week. We represented multiplication using equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays. We will take our Chapter 4 test on Wednesday.

ELA – Last week our focus was spiders! We learned a lot about different kinds of spiders in our story, Spiders and Their Webs. We also learned that in order to make an inference, you have to combine text evidence and your schema. I was so impressed with how well the kids did with this tricky skill!

Content – Information about our Map Skills Unit came home last week. We will take several quizzes throughout the unit and it will benefit your child to study for these quizzes at home. Our first quiz (continents and oceans) will be this coming Friday.

Spelling – Lesson 6 lists were sent home on Friday. If your child earned a 90% or higher on the first 5 tests, he/she received a challenge list. If at any time it looks like the challenge list is too difficult for your child, I am happy to switch back to the regular spelling list. I never want spelling to be a source of stress for your child.

Homework – Thank you for your continued support with making sure that homework calendars are signed and returned each week.

Friday was Pink Out Day!


Beginning this week, third and fourth graders will begin participating in an enrichment and intervention time daily to meet each child’s needs in the area of reading.  Teachers reviewed beginning of the year data on each student and established groups for instruction based on reading needs and/or strengths identified through this data.  In order to maximize our resources, some groups may be a combination of third and fourth grade students.  These groups are flexible and may change based on the progress of the students.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, Mrs. Yoder, or Mrs. McPherson.