Week 17

Math – Last week we learned about The Distributive Property of Multiplication and the Associative Property of Multiplication. This week we will learn about order of operations and practice solving and writing expressions and equations. My goal is to give the Chapter 9 test before the end of the week.

ELA – Last week our focus was on determining the central message of a passage. The kids are in the middle of two group projects – in one they are creating a poster to illustrate the central message of a story that they read and in the other they are writing their own reader’s theater with a strong central message.

Content – We are continuing our trip around the world to learn how other countries celebrate the holiday season.

Spelling – The Lesson 12 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.

One of my favorite moments of the week was when we took some time to reconnect as a class. As part of our 12 Days of Kindness, the kids learned 5 new things about a classmate. We found that we have more in common that we ever knew.

Week 16

Math – Last week we took the Chapter 8 test. The kids will make test corrections this coming week. Look for them to come home in Friday Folders. We will start Chapter 9 on Tuesday. In Chapter 9, the kids will learn about the Distributive Property and Associative Property of Multiplication. We will also work with expressions and equations. I always tell the kids that I didn’t use words like that until I was in middle school math!

ELA – When we weren’t busy identifying nonfiction text features and differentiating between cause and effect, we were jet setting around the world. You heard me right…the kids each got a passport and a suitcase and we have been learning about how holidays are celebrated in other countries.

Content – We will soon be wrapping up our Earth Science unit and will begin our second Social Studies unit.

Spelling – The Lesson 11 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.