Week 27

Math – We had so much fun with graphing this week. We learned how to represent data in tally charts, frequency tables, pictographs, and scaled bar graphs. Next week we will continue learning about representing data. We will also learn how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest quarter inch and nearest centimeter.

ELA – We continued to spend time reading nonfiction passages and identifying the text structure of the passages. We are also still working on making our writing more interesting. This week we used similes in our writing and even wrote a simile poem.

Content – We wrapped up our multicultural unit by learning about the Maasai in Africa and the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead.

Spelling – A new spelling list was sent home. We will take our Lesson 21 test next Friday.

Next week is Read Across America week. To celebrate, your child is invited to bring a blanket and a flashlight on FRIDAY. We will end our day with flashlight reading.

Week 26

Math – We completed Chapter 11 this past week. Most tests came home in Friday Folders. If your child did not complete test corrections, he/she will bring it home next week. In our next chapter we will explore different ways to display data and work on measuring using a ruler. In Spring Math we are working on multiplication and division facts. Keep practicing those facts at home!

ELA – We continued to learn about nonfiction text structures. We also read a story about how animals and insects use holes in trees. We used the vocabulary words from this story to work on making our writing more interesting. The kids stepped up to the challenge of using their vocab words in sentences that used context clues and had a lot of details (adjectives, interesting verbs, etc.).

Content – The students presented their “Who Am I?” Posters this week. WOW!! Thank you for working on these at home. I loved learning more about all of your families.

Spelling – There will be no spelling test next week. Instead the kids will have opportunities to complete spelling activities for extra credit at school.

Check out our “Kids at Work”! We had teachers, a pilot, a police officer, lots of football players, a vet, a horse trainer, a welder, a baseball player, a soldier, a detective, and even a queen!

Schedule Change for April 24th

April 24th is an early dismissal day with NO-PM Kindergarten. Due to a district in-service for staff, we will be adjusting the normal early dismissal schedule.

Students will be dismissed at 12:10 PM for this early dismissal. Please note that children will be served lunch prior to dismissal.

We wanted to provide parents will ample notice of this schedule change to the early dismissal schedule as it may impact work schedules and/or child care.

Save the Date!

What: The 3rd Grade Field Trip

Where: Wheatland, Central Market, & Downtown Lancaster

When: Friday, May 15th

More information about our field trip will come home in April, but please save the date on your calendar. We will be looking for chaperones for this trip. If you would like to come on the field trip as a chaperone, you will need to have your clearances completed.

Week 25

Math – We spent the week learning about metric and customary units of capacity and mass. We also completed another fun Valentine’s Day math activity, which gave us a chance to keep practicing our multiplication and division facts. Congratulations to Evie and Caleb for unlocking the box!

ELA – Our focus was on nonfiction text structures. We learned how to identify description, compare & contrast, and sequence texts. This coming week we will look at problem & solution and cause & effect.

Content – As part of our Multicultural Unit, we learned that China is responsible for the invention of a lot of things that we now use every day!!

Don’t forget that “Who am I?” posters are due on TUESDAY!!

Spelling – We took the Lesson 18 test on Friday and the Lesson 19 list was sent home.

We had so much fun at our class Valentine’s Day Party! Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies and volunteered their time at the party.

Kids at Work Day

As a way to promote career exploration and awareness with our elementary students, Penn Manor elementary schools are planning a special day across the district.

On Friday, February 21st, 2020 students will be invited to wear clothing that represents a career they may be interested in exploring as an adult. For example, your child may come dressed as a construction worker, a doctor, a teacher, etc. Please make sure that your child’s clothing is appropriate for a day of learning and wouldn’t distract other students in his/her classroom.  As an added component to Kids at Work Day, teachers and staff will be wearing their college, military, trade-school, or past/present career attire.

Our hope is that Kids at Work Day will be a great way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chooses a career, and what kind of training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.  To help facilitate discussion at home regarding career development, please refer to the “additional resources” at the end of this post for some fun, age-appropriate career development activities.

The Penn Manor Elementary School Counselors would like to thank you in advance for your support for Kids at Work Day. If you have any questions, please contact your school’s counselor.


The Elementary School Counselors

Valentine’s Day Party

Our class Valentine’s Day Party is Friday, February 14th. A class list was sent home last week. Valentines are completely optional, however if your child does send in Valentines, please make sure there is one for every student.

I created a sign-up for supplies for the party. Anything you are able to provide is greatly appreciated!

Week 24

Math – This week we started Chapter 11. We learned how how tell time to the nearest minute and how to find elapsed time. Do you have an analog clock at home? Ask your child to tell you the time and then ask him/her how long it will be 23 minutes later or 14 minutes before. This will help to reinforce what can be a tricky skill for third graders.

Today we had a little Valentine’s Day math challenge. Congrats to our winners, Adele & Ben! They found the key and were able to earn Homework Passes for the whole class!

ELA – We did a lot of writing this past week! The kids are continuing to work on their written responses to texts. We also wrote a Haiku poem, which connected to our multicultural unit in Social Students.

The kids had a blast working in teams to find verbs in magazines.

Content – We are learning about the similarities and differences between school at LeTort and school in Japan. Ask your child to tell you about how students in Japan eat lunch.

As a reminder, “Who Am I?” Posters are due on Tuesday, February 18th. Thank you again for your help with this project.

Spelling – Today we took the Lesson 17 test and the Lesson 18 list was sent home.

We also spent a little time with our kindergarten buddies today. We wrote down our dreams for the world. Check out the display next time you are at LeTort!