Week 25

Math – We spent the week learning about metric and customary units of capacity and mass. We also completed another fun Valentine’s Day math activity, which gave us a chance to keep practicing our multiplication and division facts. Congratulations to Evie and Caleb for unlocking the box!

ELA – Our focus was on nonfiction text structures. We learned how to identify description, compare & contrast, and sequence texts. This coming week we will look at problem & solution and cause & effect.

Content – As part of our Multicultural Unit, we learned that China is responsible for the invention of a lot of things that we now use every day!!

Don’t forget that “Who am I?” posters are due on TUESDAY!!

Spelling – We took the Lesson 18 test on Friday and the Lesson 19 list was sent home.

We had so much fun at our class Valentine’s Day Party! Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies and volunteered their time at the party.

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