Happy October!

We are moving right along in 3rd grade and it’s already October! We are finished with our first two science units and will begin Social Studies on Monday with Ms. Gilbert. We have finished another math chapter and will begin exploring multiplication on Monday as well. We are writing paragraphs like pros now since we’ve already finished three. This also helps us with our reading for main idea and details since we’re used to writing them in our paragraphs!

Please remember to have your student complete their spelling homework during the week. It is graded and their spelling grade will suffer if they don’t complete it. In addition, please have the students read and write what they read in their planner each night. Reading is so important to becoming a better reader!

Dates to look forward to: Monday, Oct. 12 : No School for Columbus Day and Friday, Oct. 18, Movie night at Hambright.

Please also return the conference sign up form that was sent home today. We will begin scheduling conferences and we’ll need to know your availability. Thank you!

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Good-bye September!

Time is flying here in third grade! We are busy learning the ins and outs of subtraction, how rocks are formed, and how to identify the topic and main idea of a text. We are moving right along. We had a great time playing Pictionary with Swayer and Dr. Mealy and Mr. Howe today for our class Dojo Party. We really enjoyed having them visit our room.

Please check out the dates that are coming up-they are important! And please work on having your child read and complete their spelling and math homework each week. Progress reports will be coming home next Monday to let you know how your child is doing in 3rd grade. Please look them over and return them signed by you. I appreciate your partnership in making this year a success for your child.

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First Full Week

Hi Everyone! We had a great first full week of school. Pat yourself on the back-we’re doing a great job! We took our first math test, and first science test, learned about writing paragraphs with topic sentences and conclusions, and learned how to complete an answer to a prompt with evidence. Whew! It’s time for a weekend!

I will be sending both Language Arts and Math tests home next week with notes for each, explaining more about grades. Thanks to everyone who helped their child with the edits for the math test. We will test on Chapter 2 late next week or on Sept. 23.

Please keep up with homework. The students should read a minimum of 15 minutes a day(please record it in their planner), complete their spelling paper, and complete any math that is assigned.

We are inching our way towards a first class Dojo party….our goal is 35 points by the end of September. If we all reach it early, we’ll party early! We are also looking to celebrate when our class gets to 500 points. Currently, we are at 395! Way to leave your mark in the classroom 3rd Grade!! Check out our new class picture with everyone!! Have a great weekend!

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Welcome September!

We had another great week together! Third grade is moving right along, learning routines, practicing content, and working together. Here are a few reminders:

Homework: Reading: Please make sure your child reads 15 minutes each night. Please write the title of the book in their planner.

Spelling: We will have spelling week #2 next week and there will be a homework page sent home. It is due on Friday. Please return it finished. Our test will also be on Friday. Please study the words.

Math: The students have been doing pretty well getting their math page turned in. They are also learning how to check it with a partner. Please check over it as it does give an indication of how they are doing with the skills we are working on in class.

What’s coming up? Next week will be our first book check out! We’re excited to get back into the library! Books will be due in two weeks on Wednesday. Picture Day is on September 20. More information will be coming home from the office.

We will be having a reading test this week on our Ruby the Copy Cat story, and complete our first math chapter test and science test on Changing Earth lessons.

The entire 3rd grade class earned a well-deserved compliment today as they left their mark in the cafeteria by waiting patiently while lunch was a bit behind. Way to go 3rd Grade! You are Great Leaders!! Have a great weekend!

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Week #2!

Hi Everyone! Thanks to everyone who made it out last night for Meet the Teacher Night and the Book Fair. It was a pleasure to meet you all and see your heart for your child and their education. This is a great group of students and I’m looking forward to working with them and you for this first quarter.

Please use the reading block of the assignment book to record how long your child reads each night and the title of the book. Remember they can read silently, you can read with them, or they can read aloud to another member of your household. We will no longer be using the reading log.

Since next week is only 4 days, we will not have a spelling list or test. Ask your student how to play Addition Top-it! It’s a great math game to review basic facts and all that you need is a deck of playing cards.

Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you back here at Hambright on Tuesday morning, Sept. 3!

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Welcome Back!

Hi 3rd Grade Families!
We’ve had a great 3-day start to the school year. Your students have done a tremendous job learning routines, practicing leaving their MARK, and working hard reviewing skills for the year ahead. They are a very friendly, positive class and I know I will enjoy my short time with them.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for Class DoJo so far. I will mostly communicate here on the blog, but you will get notifications if your child earns points. We will begin earning points in earnest on Monday, but the class has already earned some class points for having great attitudes and working hard.

I also gave a spelling pretest today and will send home the words and homework on Monday. We will take the test for these words on Thursday.

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday from 4-6pm at the Back to School Drop in. Please stop by to say hello, see what we’ve done so far in 3rd grade, and get some information.

Please don’t forget that Thursday is an early dismissal for the Labor Day holiday weekend. School will end at 1:30.
Have a great weekend!  Mrs. Miller

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Have a wonderful and safe summer!

As I look at my nearly empty classroom, there is a twinge of sadness mixed into the excitement that I know this summer will bring. We’ve had lots of fun times in D108 this year. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family a wonderful, happy, and safe summer! I can’t wait to see everyone when I return from maternity leave in the fall.

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Harriet Tubman Rap

We had a great time at the assembly yesterday! Here is the video of third graders performing our Harriet Tubman Rap.

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Assembly Tomorrow

Just a reminder:

We have an assembly tomorrow. The start time has been bumped up to 1:30 PM. Third graders will be performing the songs they performed at the concert as well as a rap about Harriet Tubman. You are welcome to attend! At least the rap will be recorded and posted for you to be able to view. It’s possible the chorus/recorder songs will be recorded as well.

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Yearbook Update

If you ordered a 2018-2019 yearbook, your child should have received one last week! If you are still interested in purchasing a yearbook, we have a limited amount available on a first-come, first-serve basis for $15 cash.  You can visit the school secretary in the Hambright office to trade your $15 cash for a yearbook if there are still any available. Email ptohambright@gmail.com with any inquiries.

Here is some unique information about this year’s yearbook!

is an app that allows you to
bring pictures to life. You will see pictures in your
yearbook with a navy
 border around them (ex.
page 12–Sixth Graders Have Voted—Most Likely to Break Out in a Dance). You will be able to place your
phone over the picture to reveal a video!

Directions to Set-Up HP Reveal:

to your App Store on your cell phone or device (i.e. Google Play).

for “HP Reveal,”
click “Install,” and click “Open.”

the blue button that says, “Create an Account.”

Type your email address, and click

a username and password.

Click “Create Account”
and/or “Join” if prompted.

Type “HambrightLeaders” in the search bar.
Select “HambrightLeaders’s Public Auras,” and click “Follow.” 

the app.

to Use HP Reveal Anytime:

into your HP Reveal App.

the blue button at the bottom that looks like a square.
Find pictures with navy blue
borders in your yearbook.

Hold your phone over each picture to view the associated videos.
2018-2019 yearbook cover was inspired by the phrase, “Words to Live
By.” As leaders at Hambright, the 6th graders were given the individual
task of choosing one characteristic that embodies who they are and/or
who they strive to be. As you can see on your yearbook cover and the
principal’s message page, the words they chose are splashed all over as
an expression of the legacies they want to leave behind and/or their
future aspirations as they spring forward into a new chapter of their
lives in middle school. Thank you to Mrs. Wigerman for assisting the 6th
graders in this special yearbook creation!

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