Birthday Treat Information


You may send a birthday treat on your child’s birthday.  If you choose to do this, it must be a simple, easy to serve treat.  We have a very busy schedule; therefore, pre-wrapped/cut treats are best (no birthday cakes, juice, etc.). Due to food allergies, please keep treats peanut and tree nut (coconut, almond, etc.) free.

Those children with summer birthdays can choose any date throughout the school year.  I would suggest 6 months after your child’s birthday.  For example, if your child’s birthday is July 12th, their “un-birthday” can be January 12th.

Please do not send invitations to school for birthday parties unless you have one for each  child in the class.  Children who have not been invited experience hurt feelings.  If your child wishes to invite individuals to a party, s/he can ask them for their phone numbers and you can call them directly for their addresses.