1st Summer Message

Hello everyone! In case you didn’t see the Eshleman Blog information from Dr. Cox. Here it is…

New post on Eshleman Elementary School Blog
We wish we could visit with you in person, but here is the next best thing! Follow the link below to see a message from your next year’s teacher.You can find your teacher in the comment section of your report card. Report cards were mailed on Friday and will be posted to Sapphire on Wednesday.
Esh Move Up Day 2020

Report card update: As a result of the unusual end to our school year, we have adjusted how we grade for the fourth marking period.  For kindergarten, the students will receive an N/A which represents non applicable.  First and second grade students will receive what they had earned in the third marking period.  In grades three through six, students will earn a pass or fail grade. All students in grades 1 and 2 specials will receive a Satisfactory and all students in grades 3-6 specials will receive a Pass. If assignments were submitted after report cards were printed, the most recent report card will be uploaded on Wednesday.

Who is the 2019/2020 House Champion?
Preview YouTube video House Winner for the 2019/2020 School Year!House Winner for the 2019/2020 School Year!

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Friday Facts

  1. Monday is Memorial Day. School is officially closed. However, Monday evening I will check emails for any parent/student questions or perhaps you want to share a picture of your holiday activities.
  2. Below is a message Dr. Cox posted on the Eshleman Blog:

Due to the COVID-19, we will not be collecting laptops this spring. Students will bring his/her laptop to school on the first day back. Sixth grade students will bring her/his laptop to their respective middle school. Questions or concerns can be directed to: krista.cox@pennmanor.net.

If you are planning on withdrawing from the Penn Manor School District. Please contact Eshleman Elementary at 717-872-9540 or email: jennifer.rohrer@pennmanor.net. All school materials such as school laptops, textbooks, and library books should be returned before the official school withdrawal.

There is a drop off bin for library books outside of the main entrance at Eshleman Elementary. Other school items can be placed in the bin (calculators, reading anthology, etc.-please label with student name).

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on our yearbooks. We continue to check back frequently, but at this time we do not know when they will arrive. When yearbooks are received, we will communicate a distribution plan with all families.

3. FUN FRIDAY TODAY…See you at 3:00!

Join with Google Meetmeet.google.com/hcx-sjkp-sju
Join by phone‪+1 240-514-8087‬ PIN: ‪494 836 340‬#

Weekly Information

Let’s start with a request from Dr. Cox…

Parents/Guardians: We were unable to send out our annual form to gather information regarding your enrollment plans for next year.  Would you please take a moment and fill out this short form letting us know if your child/children will be attending Eshleman Elementary next year?   https://forms.gle/9KyNSHPeNwq9Sjg1A
Thank you in advance for your time!

Next up…our final 3 Google Meet dates will be May 15, May 22, and May 29. If possible, I’d like you to find something around your house that makes A LOT of noise and have it at our final meeting. All video meets begin at 3:00.

Finally…Next week’s online learning activities will cover the week of May 18 and May 25.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait for warmer weather this weekend!

It’s Fridaaaay!

Good Morning everyone! Just a happy reminder that our Fun Friday video chat begins at 3:00. Just like last week, I have a special guest joining us. Please let me know if you need the Google Meet sent to you again.

Until then, quickly go outside and run around before the rain begins!

Rain, Rain Go Away

Good Morning Everyone! Hopefully you got outside early before the rain begins! A few reminders as we near the end of another week…

  1. Tomorrow is another Fun Friday Meeting. Here is the information to connect…

Join with Google Meet meet.google.com/hcx-sjkp-sju
Join by phone‪+1 240-514-8087‬ PIN: ‪494 836 340‬#

2. Don’t forget, you can have more fun by trying to earn some house points. Here is Mr. Bodde’s link for submitting the activities you did this week. You only have to fill out the form once a week with your list. Thanks!


3. Teacher Teaser……Look for a new video from the staff of Eshleman to be out tomorrow!

As always, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I am in Millersville every Monday and Wednesday morning. I can also be reached by email during the day or into the evening! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

Checking In

Hi everyone! I have 2 quick items to share with you today…

  1. There will be NO Fun Friday video chat this week on the 24th. On our original school calendar, this was an early dismissal day. Dr. Leichliter has told staff to keep the afternoon available for a previously scheduled activity. So our next Fun Friday will be on Friday, May 1 at 1:00. Please continue to use the link I provided in an earlier Blog post. Until then, try and think of a joke you want to share with your classmates.
  2. Tired of doing school work? Take a day off and check out the Art, Music, and Phys. Ed links. We can’t forgot about your creative abilities!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t blow away in the wind! Ms. Kaplan

Dr. Cox Reminders

Meal delivery & distribution

As you may know, Penn Manor has implemented a meal distribution plan for students that uses morning bus stop locations or pick up at Eshleman Elementary.  As we continue to work our way through this challenging time, we want to remind you that ANY student may get a meal!  Meals are distributed on Monday and Wednesday.  It is recommended that you check the stops listed on the HS or MS bus routes links below, since we know that the buses are looking for families at these stops.  

Please see the drop-off schedules for those schools here:

HS meal drop-off schedule
Manor MS meal drop-off schedule
Marticville MS meal drop-off schedule

OR you can walk/drive over to Eshleman where meals will be available out front from 8am to 9am. If you have questions about meals, please check out this site Penn Manor Meals or email Dr. Cox at krista.cox@pennmanor.net.

The Loft

Every Wednesday, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., community members in need can receive basic staple food products from the Loft at Millersville Church, 3116 Blue Rock Road.  Toiletries are distributed the first Wednesday of every month. Distributions are made on a drive-through basis so recipients do not need to leave their vehicles.

This is for Penn Manor families only, and recipients must provide identification to confirm their residency status.

If you would like to donate food and/or household supplies, learn more here.

Elementary Remote Learning Site and Eshleman Blog

As you are probably aware, we are updating the Remote Learning Activities weekly.  Your child’s classroom teacher is available to answer questions.  Specialists (Art, PE, Library, & Music) are also offering online lessons.  We encourage your child to take a look at one of these areas each day.  These activities may provide an educational activity in an area of interest for your child.  

Please note: if you select the Blog tab at the top of this page, you can find links to resources on the blogroll on the right hand side of the page.  This can give you a quick way to access many resources: Mrs. Strosser-guidance, Speech, teacher blogs, meal delivery info, etc.

NEW Fun Friday with Kaplan Information

Starting tomorrow, I will be having a virtual meeting with students. Simply for fun and to say HI to each other, Please follow the link listed below EVERY time you want to join the fun. We will have FUN FRIDAYS every week starting at 3:00 pm. Please make sure an adult is present during the meeting.


When you click the link, you will be asked for a nickname. Please type your child’s first name ONLY. I will need to “accept” your child into the meeting, so please give me a minute. Finally, once you join the meeting, there is a “MUTE” button at the bottom of the screen.

I’m excited to see all of you tomorrow and every Friday after that!

Yea for Mr. McCabe!

Good News! Mr. McCabe has worked out the issues for students completing physical education activities for him. Please read his information below. As always….have FUN!

Dear Phys. Ed. friends,

I hope that you are staying safe and well.  In an effort to remain consistent with your child’s homeroom teacher, I am respectfully asking for your assistance to submit your 1st and 2nd grade student’s Physical Education assignments to me directly, via e-mail.

You will find daily P.E. assignments HERE.

Please send a picture, or preferably a short video, whenever you are able to: steven.mccabe@pennmanor.net allowing your student to explain WHAT activities they completed, HOW they were able to complete them, any CHALLENGES they had to overcome, HOW they were able to overcome those challenges, and what they ENJOYED about each activity.

Please keep in mind that I know several parents are having problems with creating videos, so sending pictures with the answers to his questions written below the picture will be SUPER as well.