Monthly Archives: December 2018

Gingerbread Houses Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our big day! We will be decorating gingerbread houses in our classroom at 2:45.

You must stop and sign in at the office before coming to our classroom. If you are taking your child home with you after the houses are finished, an orange pick up note is required. Be sure to also list any siblings you may also be taking home as well!  I am sending a blank orange note in each child’s folder tonight just in case they need it.

*The office staff is asking that even children who are picked up every day and never ride the bus have an orange note as well for tomorrow, just so they can be sure to have all the 2M pick up students organized on one list!*   

We take the dismissal process very seriously, it is a safety concern that every child is accounted for at all times.

Thank you for your understanding! Thank you also for your wonderful donations of supplies! Tomorrow will surely be a very fun day!

December is Here!

I can’t believe we are starting a whole new month in Grade 2! This school year is really flying by!   New reading calendars were sent home today. The Character Traits for December are Courtesy and Manners.  Our special activity for the holidays will be decorating gingerbread houses. You can use the link below if you’d like to donate some candy for us to use! You are welcome to join your child on Thursday, December 20 at 2:45 if you’d like to help them decorate their house.