Monthly Archives: February 2019

2-M News Update!

Well, we were lucky for so long with the winter weather, I guess it had to catch up with us at some point! Because we had off on Thursday, school will now be in session Friday, February 15. Also, we were not ready for our Spelling test today- the list this week is tricky- so we are keeping the same list to test next Friday, February 8, 2019

Report cards come home today! I am so proud of the hard work all of the students are doing! I am sure you are, too! Please sign the front of the envelope and return it on Monday. The only paper insert that needs to be returned is the Parent Communication sheet. The other papers are for you to keep at home.

A class list is coming home Monday in case your child would like to participate in a Valentine Exchange on Thursday, February 14.  Please help your child to be sure they have a card for every child. Thank you!