Scientific Calculators On Sale at Target

As you begin to think about shopping for school supplies for the upcoming school year, you might want to consider purchasing a calculator.  In sixth grade, students are highly encouraged to use a calculator during math class, when completing math homework assignments, and on most math assessments.  The calculator we require our students to use is the Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS.  (The TI-30XIIS calculator is used for math in grades 6-8).  Students are not required to purchase this calculator; students who do not have their own calculator will have the option to borrow one from the classroom teacher.  

If you are considering purchasing the Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS calculator, Target currently has them on sale for $8.99 (regular price is $15.99).   Please be aware that in previous years, this calculator had a tendency to sell out quickly.    

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