Photos Needed for Celebration Video

We are very lucky this year to have a family who is willing to devote their time to create a video of the students to celebrate their years at LeTort.  We would like to include every student in the video which is why we need your help. 

Please help us by submitting ONE baby/toddler photo of your current 6th grade child and ONE kindergarten photo of your current 6th grade child,  (two photos total), and e-mail  the two photos to  with your child’s name in the subject section of the e-mail.

If anyone has group shots of the 6th graders throughout the school years at LeTort, including this school year, then they can be e-mailed as well to add to the video.

If you are unable to submit your photos online, please send them in so they can be scanned in and then returned to you.

Please submit the pictures by May 5 so there is enough time to create the video.

If you have any questions or need help, please email Mrs. Mitchell at

Thank you for your help in creating this precious memento for the students.

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