Discipline Policy

Discipline Plan for Sixth Grade

Classroom Rules

We believe that our students can behave appropriately in school. In order to guarantee your child and all students an environment conducive to learning, the following expectations will be encouraged:

Students will follow directions.

Students will have all necessary materials for the day.

Students will put forth their best effort.

Stay focused and on task

Complete assignments with quality and in the time allotted

Students will be courteous and respectful to others, keeping their hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.

Students will not disrupt the learning process, but assist in creating a positive environment.

Reward System

In addition to daily praise, positive notes, and “Punch Cards,” students will have the opportunity to participate in “Honors.”  This is a special activity that is planned at the end of each marking period as a way to reward students who have assumed responsibility for completing their homework on time.  Homework is checked daily.  Students can earn a sticker each week if they have two or less incomplete assignments; students who lose more than two stickers in a marking period will not be able to participate in “Honors.”  During “Honors,” students will have the opportunity to engage in a fun physical activity as well enjoy a tasty treat.

Last updated August 2019

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