FAQ’s School/Classroom Policies

* Students are not permitted to change busses for any reason throughout the year. Students will be picked up and dropped off at the same spot everyday. This policy includes Early Dismissal days. If your child will be going to a babysitter or friend’s house after school, they must be transported by car.

* Birthday treats are welcome in my room. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated! Summer birthday friends can simply choose a day throughout the school year to celebrate. Students are no longer permitted to travel around the school to deliver them to other teachers. They may take extra treats to the faculty room if they would like. This is a school wide rule. 

* Flip Flops are not permitted on the playground due to safety reasons.

* Animals are not allowed to come into the school building due to allergies and safety reasons.  

* Please follow all other rules that are located in the school handbook. 

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