Martic News Team For Next Year

Hello my soon to be 6th Graders,
In case you missed the meeting today, I recorded the meeting so you can see me explaining what the different jobs are. You will all be getting an invite soon to join a Google Classroom for the Martic News Team. If you want to apply for a job on the team, the information for applying is in the classwork section. Let me know if you have any questions about joining the news team next year!
Mr. Plumbo

Getting Student Items from Classroom

Hello families,

If you are interested in picking up items from your child’s desk and cubby, please fill out the Google Form I have attached. The school will announce the pickup time and date in the near future. If you do not wish to pick up student items, please just mark no on the form.

Form Link:

Thank you so much,

Mr. Plumbo

Week 3 Online Learning

Hello Families,

All of the new assignments have posted to the online learning website and are ready on Google Classroom as well. Please make sure to submit all your work to the correct assignment within Google Classroom. I have attached a video below to review the steps to turning in work in case you need it. Let us know if you have any questions.

Turning in to Google Classroom

Parent Sapphire Accounts

Hello families,

Here is all the information about setting up a sapphire account if you don’t already have one, that way you can track the online work that students are completing:

Parent Accounts
Parents and guardians are encouraged to create private login separate from their child’s account. Do so by visiting: and clicking on the Community Portal Application link under the Getting Started section of the site.

Step One of the account creation process is the entry of a keyword. The keyword is: comets

Next, parents will be required to accept the site policy and then complete the online account application.

Finally, Parents must fill out the form electronically.  Be sure to include all of your children that are enrolled in the Penn Manor School District under the “Children Information” section so that they are all linked to your account. Once you have completed all required fields, press “Save and Continue”.

Once your application has been reviewed by the Sapphire Administrator, and approved, you will receive an email at the email address you provided with your assigned PIN. You will then use your selected UserName and Password and the assigned PIN to access Sapphire as a parent.

Parent account holders may also setup email notifications that signal when teachers have posted grades and/or other information to their student’s online Backpack.