Math: This week in math we will be wrapping up unit 11. We will start Monday off by converting metric units of mass, then move on to metric units of capacity on Tuesday. This Wednesday and Thursday we will complete our review stations, practicing all the conversions we have learned in customary and metric units, as well as line plots and fair share. The test for measurement will be this Friday, so make sure to get that study guide done on Thursday. Keep up the hard work in math 5th grade!

Reading:  Monday and Tuesday, we will continue to work with our small group of readers and writers to complete our TDA  two-column notes. Wednesday and Thursday, we will do our first and second close reading of a realistic fiction narrative and unpack our thinking as we do so.   Friday, we will read, analyze, and answer comprehension questions based on the realistic fiction passage as we locate proof/evidence to support our answers.  Our readers and writers continue to put forth 150% effort while keeping themselves in a “growth mindset”! Way to go you awesome 5th-graders!!!