Good Afternoon, Parents! :)

Wow! The first week of school was so fun and exciting! I hope your child had a lot of fun this week! I just wanted to remind you to continue practicing how to write the numbers 1, 2 and 3 with your child. Most of them had trouble with the number 2 and 3 (especially 2). We learn how to write numbers 4 and 5 on Tuesday! 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!! I look forward to seeing the kiddos on Tuesday! 🙂


Good Evening!!

I just wanted to fill you in on what we have done so far in the classroom! The last two days have been amazing!! I hope your children feel the same 🙂

First day of school: We focused a lot on the rules of the classroom and what is expected of the students. The three rules are: 1. My mouth is quiet. 2. My hands and feet are still. 3. My eyes are looking at the person talking. We practiced what each rule looks like (and I let them practice what NOT to do as well:) ) We always start the morning with a greeting and sharing. Today, the students sat in a circle on the carpet and shook hands with the person sitting to the left and right of them saying “It’s nice to meet you______”. Then we went around the circle and shared what our favorite color was. I was super impressed with how everyone was listening while their friends were speaking. 🙂 We go over the Calendar (Month, date, year, days of the week, how many days we have been in school, etc.) Then the students got to explore and “play” with unifix cubes. The students counted them, built them, felt them and looked at all of the different colors. The students also drew a picture of themselves and wrote their name underneath (those will be hanging around the room soon). They did a great job!! We took a tour through the school pointing out the library, office, nurse’s office, Art room, the gym and the doors for recess. They all do a GREAT job walking through the hall nice and quietly. We ended the day with a snack, and then I read a book to them before packing up. What a great first day!! 🙂

Second Day: Today we started the day the same way – with a greeting and sharing. We gave high fives and said “Good morning_____”. Then we shared what our favorite color was. The students really seem to enjoy the greeting and sharing! 🙂 Today we got into our first Math lesson! The students were very excited! We started with a 2 minute video of counting, and then got into counting 1, 2, and 3 objects. They were all experts!! We completed two worksheets in class together (which I sent home in the red folders). I also sent home their first “homework” paper! This is just to practice what we went over today. You will find the homework paper in their RED homework folder, on the left side. Please practice with your child and complete the worksheet. I told them to ask their parents or whoever they live with to help them 🙂 They are counting the different objects and coloring in the squares to match with the number of objects. Thanks! We took a brain break and went out to recess today! The kids loved it! I showed the kids how to use the bathroom the correct way, (going to the bathroom, flushing, washing their hands with soap, drying with a paper towel, throwing the paper towel away). We ended the day with a snack, and a story. A great second day 🙂 If you have any questions or concerns please email me at Thanks!!

Hello everyone!! :)

Good evening parents!!

It was SO great meeting most of you for the open house on Tuesday! I was surprised with how many people showed up – I loved it! I really look forward to spending the semester with your children. All of the learning will be fun and exciting! 🙂

On monday, I will be sending home RED homework folders. I have filled the folders with items that you must return (left side) and items that can stay home with you (right side). If you were not able to make it to the open house, I will be sending home the papers that were given out that night. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LOOK THROUGH YOUR CHILD’S RED FOLDER EVERY NIGHT FOR HOMEWORK. The red folder should be going back and forth every day.

Every morning and afternoon, I will wait outside in the main lobby and stand by the front of the library wall, waiting for the students to get off of the bus. Please tell your child this. They will line up beside me, and then we will use the bathroom and walk back to the classroom together.

Specials: AM Kindergarten:

Day 1: no special

Day 2: Book Exchange (Library)

Day 3: no special

Day 4: P.E (gym)

Day 5: no special

Day 6: Art

PM Kindergarten:

Day 1: Art

Day 2: no special

Day 3: Book exchange (library)

Day 4: P.E (gym)

Day 5: no special

Day 6: no special

If you have any other questions or concerns please email me at

Thank you!! I look forward to Monday!! 🙂