Good Afternoon! :)

Good afternoon, parents! Just wanted to update you on a few things we have been doing in class!

*Last week, we finished up chapter 1 for Math, so the kids had an “assessment” on the whole first chapter. They did an outstanding job! I asked them what they thought about the test and they answered, “It was easy!” and “I feel like a 1st grader!” So proud of them!

*In Math we have been using the whiteboards and counters (bears, animals, cubes) to count to numbers 6, 7, and 8, and to write numbers 6, 7 and 8. On Friday, we had a review day and practiced writing and counting numbers 0-8. If you are looking to practice Math with your child, help him/her write and recognize numbers 0-8. 🙂

*In reading, we have been talking about syllables. We have been segmenting syllables and deleting syllables. After hearing a word, the students are able to clap out the syllables all by themselves! 🙂 We have been focusing on the letters M, S, T, R and the sounds the letters make. Again, practicing these letters with your child would be very helpful and beneficial.

*In writing, we have been continuing to think about what we want to draw about, drawing our picture, labeling our picture and some of the students are even trying to write a sentence to go along with their picture. 🙂 They are doing a fantastic job!

REMINDER: October 1st (Wednesday) is picture day!

Back To School Night :)

Good afternoon! 🙂

The last two weeks of school have been wonderful! The students have been learning how to count/write numbers 0-5. I hope you and your child are not overwhelmed with the homework for math – REMEMBER it is just for practice! The students also became authors, and wrote their very own story with a picture and words/sentences to go with their picture (you will get to see this at Back to School Night) 🙂 For literacy, we have been learning the difference between sentences and words, and that words have different parts, called syllables. We have also been learning about the words first, last, beginning, middle, end, and how to read from left (green dot) to right (red arrow). The students are doing a fantastic job with everything! **If you are ever looking for something to practice with your child at home, you can help practice his/her name, the numbers 0-5, and the alphabet. This would be very helpful!**

Also, if you would ever like to volunteer in the classroom (read a book, help with holidays, etc) please email me at

***Back to School Night is tomorrow from 4-6pm. I look forward to seeing you there!! 🙂 ***