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Upcoming Dates:

3/16 – Kids begin to bring in books for book swap
3/17 – Martic Spring Picture Day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, I ran my first half marathon! 🙂
This week! 🙂
Monday, March 14- Day 3… We have Gym! Don’t forget to wear sneakers! 🙂
Tuesday, March 15- Day 4… We have Gym!
Wednesday, March 16- Day 5… We have Music!
Thursday, March 17- Day 6… We have Book Exchange and Library Instruction
  • Spring Picture Day! 🙂
  • Spelling Test
  • Reading Tests (comprehension, focus skill and vocabulary questions)
Friday, March 18- Day 1… We have Music!
Have a great week! Looking forward to seeing the kiddos tomorrow morning! 🙂

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