Writing and Donuts… hmmm has a nice ring to it… right?! ;)

Your kiddos have been working SO hard on their writings. Their task was to complete a final copy for a Narrative writing, Opinion Writing, and Informative Writing, with an illustration to go with each, by today. Today, the students picked their favorite story and got to share in front of the class. Donuts seemed very appropriate while sharing our writings this morning. 🙂 So proud of them!




Popcorn and “One Movie” Day! ;)

Friday of this week- Last celebration for AMAZING behavior! 🙂    Popcorn and “One Movie” Day!  Gnomeo and Juliet  will be featured for summer fun!  We will spend our day doing many “popcorn activities”- graphing, adjectives, acrostic poems, narrative writing, and best of all POPCORN TASTING!  We will taste regular popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel popcorn, and kettle corn!  Yum!  Then we will watch a movie!  Come to school ready for some fun! 🙂

🙂 So thankful for your kiddos!

Autobiographies :)

The students have been working SO hard on their autobiographies. Some students are sharing tomorrow, Friday, Monday or Tuesday. Make sure to ask your child which day he/she is presenting. 🙂

I told the kids they can bring something special in to share with the class on the day of their presentation (stuffed animal, doll, football, rock collection, baseball cards, etc.) ANYTHING that is special to them. 🙂

Thanks for participating in the Parent Interviews!


*I told the students if they can come into class tomorrow telling me how they got their name, written on a piece of paper, then they can clip up. 🙂 I told the kids I was named after an actor from a Soap Opera ha! Looking forward to hearing the fun stories!


Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Researching Rocks :)

WOW- Look at these hard workers! We finished reading about rocks, went outside to find rocks, and then researched our rocks! Today, we went outside to clean them. Either tomorrow or Friday, we will paint the rocks! We even had a few students wanting to share their rocks with the class. I am so proud of them for all of their hard work! Way to go! 🙂