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Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, 9/28- Last day to order a pink T-Shirt!


If you would like to volunteer or help in the classroom let me know! You can email me and let me know what you would like to help with and whether you will be a visitor or volunteer. If you are a volunteer (working one-on-one with the kiddos) you will need to get your clearances. Thanks so much!


This week! 🙂

Monday, September 26- Day B… We have Library!

Tuesday, September 27- Day C… we have Art!

  • Lesson 3 Spelling Test

Wednesday, September 28- Day D… We have Gym!

Thursday, September 29- Day A…. We have Music!

  • Chapter 1 Math Test

Friday, September 30- Day B… We have Library!


Have a wonderful week! 🙂

Brill’s Busy Bees

Bees for Blog

Important dates coming up:

Friday, September 23- PICTURE DAY! 🙂


This week! 🙂

Monday, September 19- Day A… We have Music!

Tuesday, September 20- Day B… We have Library AND Book Exchange! Don’t forget your books!

Wednesday, September 21- Day C… We have Art!

Thursday, September 22- Day D… We have Gym! Don’t forget your sneakers 🙂

Friday, September 23- Day A… We have Music!

  • Picture day!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Very thankful for your kiddos! 🙂

Brill’s Busy Bees

Important dates to remember…

Thursday, September 15- Back to School Night from 4-6 PM AND Book Fair from 4:30-6:30 PM… Looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

Friday, September 16- Early Dismissal

Friday, September 23- PICTURE DAY 🙂

Bees for Blog

This week!

Monday, September 12… Day D- We have Gym!

Tuesday, September 13… Day A- We have Music!

Wednesday, September 14… Day B- We have Library!

Thursday, September 15… Day C- We have Art!

Friday, September 16… Day D- We have Gym!


Looking forward to another wonderful week with your kiddos! 🙂


Homework! :)

The students are VERY excited about their first two homework assignments.

Math- Complete the “My homework” worksheet front and back for lesson 5. (Vertical Addition)

Reading- Read through their books TWO times. After they read to you, put your initials next to the number 1. and 2. So they have to read two times and have two people initial their sticky note.


**Whoever is able to complete BOTH the Math and Reading will get to start the day with a “CLIP UP” Wahoo! What a great day with your kiddos! Email me if you have any questions! 🙂


We don’t eat lunch until 12:18 and I know by 11:00 my belly is GROWLING! 😉 During reading groups, the students will have the opportunity to go to the bathroom, get a drink, AND eat a snack. I ask that the snack they bring is somewhat healthy (fruit, vegetables, crackers, graham crackers, gold fish, teddy grahams, etc.) Please no snacks that will leave a big mess or sticky fingers! The kiddos can start bringing in their snacks on Tuesday! 🙂


Brill’s Busy Bees

Bees for Blog

Wow- what a wonderful week in 1st grade! I have loved getting to know your kiddos more and more! They are very bright, creative, sweet, and HILARIOUS! We have had so much fun so far! We have been SUPER busy! We have been reading, adding in Math, writing and practicing our handwriting! Looking forward to Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 6- Day D … We have Gym! Don’t forget your sneakers!

Wednesday, September 7- Day A… We have Music!

Thursday, September 8- Day B… We have Library!

Friday, September 9- Day C… We have Art!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! 🙂