Smith’s Super Stars

I hope you all had a wonderful week! We have been working hard this week! 🙂

Math- We have finished up Chapter 4 and just started Chapter 5! Today we learned about tens. I was SO excited about how amazing everyone did on their Chapter 5 test- wahoo!

Writing- We started a Penguin unit! We read a nonfiction book about penguins, and brainstormed facts about penguins. The students have been working on their graphic organizer. We will soon be writing our rough copy. Yay!

Content- We have been learning about our country, state, continents and oceans. Feel free to ask your kiddo about any of those facts! 🙂 Tomorrow, we will be writing about where we would want to be if we could be anywhere in the world.

Martin Luther King JR- We have been working on a folder with lots of MLK JR facts. The students have REALLY enjoyed learning about Dr. King. We are looking forward to showing you our finished project in a couple days! 🙂

Reading- I was able to take a day on Wednesday and read with your child one-on-one. I cannot tell you how proud I am of each child in this classroom! We have been learning how to respond to questions about our stories. Tonight, everyone has reading AND writing homework. 🙂

Tomorrow- Thursday, January 17- Day C… We have Art!

*Just a reminder that we do NOT have school on Friday, January 18th or Monday, January 21st.

Have a WONDERFUL 4 day weekend! 🙂 So thankful for you and all of your kiddos!

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