Smith’s Super Stars

Good afternoon! What an amazing Monday with your kiddos! After Art class, Mrs. Wigerman told the class that every single one of them could clip up tomorrow morning. I am SO proud of them! 🙂

Today, we took our Spelling Test for Lesson 21- WOW. Thank you thank you for helping your child study his/her spelling words at home. Tomorrow, we will be taking our Pre-Spelling Test for lesson 22 and each kiddo will come home with new spelling words/refrigerator copies. 🙂

Writing- We started a new Writing Unit on Rabbits. We wrote down facts about rabbits (can, have are), continued working on our graphic organizer (introduction, fact #1, #2 and #3, and the conclusion). Some of the kiddos even finished their rough copy! We will finish our writing and rabbit craft by the end of the week. The students have been working SO hard and I have seen so much improvement in their writing.

Content- We just finished our last lesson on Needs and Wants. We are now moving on to Goods and Services. 🙂

Math- We have been learning about different kinds of graphs. So far, the students have learned about tally charts and picture graphs. We are now able to answer questions about both! Tomorrow, we will be learning about Bar Graphs. Tonight, the students have math homework (front and back). Thank you for helping with this!

Reading- Tonight, the kiddos are to read their guided reading books one or two times, depending what is on their sticky note. Thank you for taking time to read with your child- it really makes a difference in his/her reading.

The rest of the week looks like this… 🙂

Tuesday, March 26- Day D… We have Gym! Don’t forget your sneakers!

Wednesday, March 27- Day A… We have Music!

Thursday, March 28- Day B… We have Library Instruction AND Book Exchange!

Friday, March 29- Day C… We have Art!

Have an amazing rest of your week! 🙂

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