This year, I am trying “ClassDoJo” to reinforce positive behavior. I will be able to:

  • Encourage students for any skill or value- whether it’s working hard, being helpful, receiving a compliment from a substitute teacher, etc.
  • Get parents/families involved by sharing pictures and posts of wonderful classroom moments
  • Communicate with parents as a group and individually

You will be able to see your child’s behavior every day (you will ONLY be able to see YOUR child’s behavior). You will know what he/she earned points for/lost points for. Please feel free to write to me through ClassDoJo if you have any questions or concerns about school or your child’s behavior. After the first couple of weeks… I will most likely post more on ClassDojo than my blog. You may ask me anything and everything on ClassDoJo. Thanks for your patience and grace as I try something new! 🙂

I will send home a log-in paper tomorrow! Please try to download the app or subscribe online before the start of next week! I hope to get ClassDoJo up and running by next week! 🙂

First Day of School :)

Good afternoon! I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING your kiddos are! I LOVED getting to meet them today and look forward to getting to know them even better throughout the year! Below are a couple of activities we did today! :)…..

  • Colored a “My First Day of School” paper
  • Completed our “Morning Meeting” (Calendar, Days of school, Weather, Greeting song)
  • Took a tour of the school and learned where all of our specials are- Art, Music, Gym and Applied Engineering
  • Discussed how to “Leave our MARK” in the hallway, cafeteria, classroom, recess, bus and bathroom- we will send more information home on Friday about this! 🙂
  • We took a brain break out on the playground (and some us even got to see siblings!)
  • TODAY we got to eat lunch in the cafeteria! Wahoo!
  • Read “The Rainbow Fish” and completed a Rainbow Fish writing activity- I am SO impressed with the writing skills in this classroom!
  • Ended our day with an assembly! 🙂

I cannot wait to see your kiddos tomorrow morning! i am so so thankful for each and every one of them! They each bring something so special to the classroom! 🙂 We are going to have an AMAZING year together! 🙂 Please email me with any questions or concerns!

*Please make sure the “Star” folder comes back to school EVERY DAY! THANKS! 🙂