Behavior System

 Some of the teachers have started using a CLIP UP CHART and I like it!  It not only keeps the children on track, but it gives them a chance to redeem themselves and it rewards for good behavior.

 Here is how it works.  Everyone starts with their clothespin on READY TO LEARN and pretty much stays there all day if things are good and they do what they are supposed to.  If I see that they are doing above and beyond, they will be told they may “clip up” to GOOD CHOICES.  As they continue to do above and beyond, they may “clip up” to GREAT CHOICES and then to “STAR STUDENT.”  Better yet is “TOP OF THE CHART” and the best thing would be to “clip on to Miss Brill’s lanyard!”  Though above “GREAT CHOICES” is not going to happen often, it is a great incentive and will keep me on my toes to see all the good things the children are trying to do!

We are starting out slow and getting used to how this works and the children are learning the things that can be considered Above and Beyond.  I have also told them that everything they do will not be rewarded.  They need to do good things because it’s the right thing to do, not because they will be rewarded for it.  But if I see these good things occurring over and over, that would be considered a good reason to clip up.

Below is a picture of our CLIP UP CHART.  As you can see, the children can also CLIP DOWN.  The really great thing is that, if they CLIP DOWN, they can redeem themselves by getting back on track right away and it is totally possible to clip back up to READY TO LEARN or beyond.  It’s a real confidence builder and lets children know that they can slip up and make a bad choice, but it doesn’t need to ruin the rest of the day.  If they get back on track, they can end the day on a good note!