Edible Classroom!

Monday, September 13, right after lunch, we’ve been invited to join the experts from Edible Classroom in the Central Manor garden! The forecast includes heat and humidity and we’ll be outside for slightly less than an hour. Be sure to wear something cool, that you don’t mind getting dirty. You also may want to consider putting on some sunscreen before you get to school, and bring your water bottle. This is one of my favorite things to do! I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.


This Thursday, May 20th, is our 6th Grade Popsicle Social! We are providing the same popsicles that were served as the end of PSSA treat last Friday (thanks, awesome PTO!). If you would not like your child to have one of these popsicles, please let your child’s teacher know in writing by Wednesday, May 19th. 

School Counselor Lesson

Dear Sixth Grade Parents/Guardians:

As in years past, Penn Manor will provide a sexual harassment prevention program to sixth grade students.  The program is presented in an age-appropriate and non-threatening manner, and the session will include a video entitled, “Flirting or Hurting:  When Is It Okay, When Is It Harassment?”.  Parents may arrange to discuss or preview the materials in advance. Your child’s class is scheduled for April 7th, 8th, or 9th.
If you would like your child excused from the program, please notify Dr. Madara in writing no later than April 6, 2021.


Dr. Shannon Madara


(717) 872-1401 ext 3203

School Counselor

Red Ribbon Week

October 26th – October 30th

Dear Central Manor Families:

This year Central Manor students and staff are invited to participate in “National Red Ribbon Week”, October 26th – October 30th.  “Red Ribbon Week” is observed to promote a healthy lifestyle, drug prevention, and making positive choices.  We will be having the following spirit days to reinforce the message of staying healthy and drug-free:

  • Monday, 10/26/20 – “Be Happy! We’re REaDy for Red Ribbon Week”
    Wear the color red.
  • Tuesday, 10/27/20 – “Team Up Against Drugs!”
    Wear your favorite team jersey or Penn Manor gear.
  • Wednesday, 10/28/20
    “Be Brave!  You have the power to make healthy choices!” 
    Wear superhero clothing (no costume masks)
  • Thursday, 10/29/20 – “Put Unhealthy Habits to Rest!”
    Wear your P.J.’s (no slippers)
  • Friday, 10/30/20 – “Being Drug Free is No Sweat!”
    Wear your sweats!

Thanks for your support!

2020-2021 Conferences

As the traditional district conference days, I am offering afternoon, & evening conferences on November 23rd and early morning & afternoon conferences on November 24th. Click the link to see the calendar below and sign up. You will need to find the conference weeks (November 16 & 23) on the conference calendar to view available time slots and sign up! Continue to scroll down to see directions details as needed from the Central Manor Blog.

Directions & Details from the Central Manor Blog

Videos to help!

This year, all parents will sign up for a virtual parent-teacher conference.    Use the link above to log in and secure a timeslot that works for you.    Conferences will be held on Monday, November 23rd from 1:45 PM-8:00 PM and on Tuesday, November 24th from 1:45 PM-3:45 PM.  

To plan ahead for conferences:

  • Look at your calendar, select dates/times that will work best for your family.   Please remember we only host one conference, so it is very important that blended families coordinate this in advance.    
  • A g-mail account must be used to schedule an appointment.   If you have one, I would suggest you use that.   (Please sign up for the conference and include your child’s name in some way.)
  • If you do NOT have a g-mail account, you will use your child’s login information to sign up for the conference.    It would be helpful if you recorded your child’s log-in information somewhere.    (username=studentid#@pennmanor.net and password=this is specific to your child)  
  • After you sign up for your conference, an email confirmation will be sent to the g-mail account of the teacher and also to the account you used to sign up.    
  • A parent tip:  If you sign up using your child’s account, please hold on to their log in information, because you will need it the date/time of the conference to log back in for the google meet conference.   
  • If your child receives additional services (AST, Title I, Learning Support) you will need to schedule an additional conference with that specific teacher.  
  • If you are unable to sign up for a conference using your child’s computer, please contact our building secretary at 717.872.1401  to schedule your appointment.   
  • Please sign up for a  conference by November 2nd.

New Specialist Schedule Begins on Monday, Oct. 5th

The classes listed below will begin Applied Engineering on Monday

3-Wise, 6-Schoelkopf, 5-Winder, 4-Wiggins and 2-Mader

The classes listed below will begin Art on Monday

3-Stephan, 6-Kersic, 5- O’Donnell, 4-Soto, 2-DeLong and 1-Mattern

The classes listed below will be Music on Monday

3-Treier, 6-Feaster, 5-Loreto, 4-Piatt, 2-Kyle and 1-Saxton

The classes listed below will being Physical Education on Monday

3-Collins (McNeely), 6-Brinkman, 5- Nolt (DeMonaco), 4-Neumann, 2-Eichler and 1- Devenburgh.

This rotation will run through Nov. 5th.

Virtual Tour of Central Manor

Click here for a virtual tour of our building to share some of our spaces with you and all that we are doing to prepare for your return. Use your mouse to move around the 360 degree pictures. Click on the circles for more information about the scenes. At the bottom, you may click on the small arrows to move from one scene to another.