Deja Vu all over again!

We are going to try one more time. Our next date for the field trip will be Wednesday, Feb. 27. This will be our last chance. They are simply out of dates. As of now there is a slight chance for snow but we will cross our fingers and hope for the best. Thanks for understanding. We know your kids have been disappointed.

Filed Trip Delayed…Again :(

I mean what are the chances? We are having a 2-hour delay tomorrow and so will not be going on our field trip to the North Museum. We will do our best to reschedule it again but I know the dates are filling up because we are not the only school who has had this issue. We will let you know as soon as we know. For tomorrow we will have a regular short day.

Also, a reminder that Friday is Career day! Students should wear something that represents what career they might want to have when they grow up.

Field Trip Update

It was very sad to see so many disappointed kids wander into school today for a day without a field trip. The good news is we were able to reschedule for NEXT THURSDAY! We will order lunches for the kids who wanted them this week next week! Everything else remains the same, just a new day. We did take a peek at the weather and there is a chance of snow but we are going to cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Field Trip Tomorrow!

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the first day of the week for us! Tomorrow is our field trip. If we have a delay we will NOT go but if we have an on-time start to the day we are heading to the North Museum just after arrival in the morning. We will return to school for a picnic lunch and have a normal afternoon.

By normal I mean our entire schedule will be a mess and we will make it work! The rest of this week we will do some writing and grammar and have some Valentine fun! That will be just about it since we will only have two and a half days.

One more reminder that we DO have school on Friday for a snow make up day and we DON’T have school on Monday thanks to President’s Day.

New Calendar

I can’t believe it is February already! We have a lot to do before the PSSA tests are here. Our third grade team sat down and decided we would like to make some changes to the general schedule. You may have noticed that we don’t have vocabulary this week. From now on, we will be doing vocab every other week. We will also focus on one story every two weeks. We will still be doing the comprehension tests with those stories. Cutting out some weekly tests will give us more time for writing and specific skills.

I would like to make it easier for you to follow along by adding a calendar to the blog. I will do my best to keep it up to date for you. Please check it out! If you click on the calendar link across the top of the blog you will see some upcoming dues dates.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks!

This Crazy (and Merry) Week

This is a crazy week in an elementary school.  We will try to maintain some sense of normalcy while still remembering that the kids are very excited and looking for some holiday fun.  Here is a basic schedule of what you can expect.

Monday – Mostly a normal day.  We will switch for our first new Social Studies lesson with Mr. Brighter.  Study for your vocab test!

Tuesday – Another attempt at a normal day.  The lesson 13 Vocab test will be today!  We will also have book exchange.

Wednesday – Craft Day!  Students will move from classroom to classroom to make some fun holiday crafts.  No math but we will have reading.

Thursday – Craft day continues with the last two rounds.  Our homeroom will also be baking as part of the Dojo party!

Friday – The Hambright Holiday All School Opening will be in the morning.  We will be singing our song for the school.  It looks like we will sing after 10:00 but I will let you know as the schedule is sent out.  We also have an early dismissal at 1:30!

Welcome to the updated third degree!

We have made some updates to the blog and seems to be ready to go!  I hope that you will be able to access it more often now that it will be up and running again.  If you would like to subscribe and get automatic updates, you can do that on the right.  Just enter an email address and you will be notified when something is added.  

Here is our first new bit of info.  All of the third grades have been practicing a holiday somg to share at the Holiday All School Opening the day before break.  This is a link so your child can practice at home.  Look for lyrics to come home too.  The best part is it we will also be signing the words in American Sign Language thanks to Ms. Gilbert!  Check out the link here!

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Hi families,

Just a few updates for tomorrow. Spelling homework, reading logs and vocabulary puzzles are all due. We will have tests in spelling and vocabulary. It is also tye-dye day. Lastly we will be going to the book fair in the afternoon so if you would like your child to buy books please send cash along!  It will be a busy day. Currently we are scheduled to have a 1:30 dismissal but if we have have a delay we will come in late and go home at the regular time. Please be sure to check the PMSD website or WGAL in the morning.

Substitute and a Snow Day

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I will be out of the classroom until next Wednesday.  Mrs. Glassmeyer will be in our room for all four of the days which means they will be well taken care of.  If you need something, please call the office or send a note as she will not have access to email.

Because of the snow day our schedule will change a little.  We will push the spelling and vocab tests to Monday.  We will get back on track next week.  Thanks for understanding!

We will also be adding new blog posts next week!  I hope You have had a chance to check out your child’s post.  They can be found at link on the right!





Student Blogging Challenge

I am very excited to announce that our class will be participating in the Student Blogging Challenge for the next few weeks!  We will be writing stories and posting them online as well as commenting on stories other people post from around the world.  I hope that the class will not only be excited to write the stories but also start thinking about how to improve their writing and make constructive comments to others.

Our first assignment is homework tonight.  Each student brought home an index card.  I am asking that he or she write a paragraph introducing themselves to the world.  The post should their first name, where they live (city, state and county)and at least two interesting things about them.  It should be a minimum of 4 sentences and a maximum of 10.  Tomorrow we will type and post them.  I will share more information about where to read the posts when they are ready to go.  Below you will see the example I wrote for the class today.


About the Blogger

My name is Mrs. Smith.  I am a 3rd grade teacher.  I live in Lititz, PA in the USA.  I live with my husband and 2 kids, Libby and Pete.  We also have a dog named Hugo and a fish named BobScout.   I love teaching 3rd graders and my favorite subject to teach is Science.  I also love our Hero unit.  On the weekends I like to read biographies, listen to all kinds of podcasts, and watch my kids playing sports.  My favorite food is a warm donut and my favorite band is U2.  My favorite movie is “The Princess Bride.”  My favorite book is “Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World.”