This Crazy (and Merry) Week

This is a crazy week in an elementary school.  We will try to maintain some sense of normalcy while still remembering that the kids are very excited and looking for some holiday fun.  Here is a basic schedule of what you can expect.

Monday – Mostly a normal day.  We will switch for our first new Social Studies lesson with Mr. Brighter.  Study for your vocab test!

Tuesday – Another attempt at a normal day.  The lesson 13 Vocab test will be today!  We will also have book exchange.

Wednesday – Craft Day!  Students will move from classroom to classroom to make some fun holiday crafts.  No math but we will have reading.

Thursday – Craft day continues with the last two rounds.  Our homeroom will also be baking as part of the Dojo party!

Friday – The Hambright Holiday All School Opening will be in the morning.  We will be singing our song for the school.  It looks like we will sing after 10:00 but I will let you know as the schedule is sent out.  We also have an early dismissal at 1:30!

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