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Did you lose your Handbook?  Did you child drop the most recent newsletter in a puddle on his way off the bus?  You can see all of them here on our blog.  Find the one you are looking for by clicking on the file you want.

What do we do in Language Arts?  This will give you an overview of what to expect: Readingoverview

What is the homework policy in our class? Pink Slip

Parent Handbook – Information for Parents


It is my goal to provide students with a safe and caring environment that will encourage them to take an active role in their own learning.  Third Grade is a transitional year.  It is the last of the primary grades and a doorway to the more self-reliant intermediate grades.   All children learn differently.  I will try to reach all of my students’ needs and learning styles by using a variety of strategies.  We will work as a class, in small groups, with partners and independently.  I want each student to realize his or her own potential and work to achieve his or her personal best!  I look forward to an exciting year!

A Little About Me

Hi!  My name is Brandy Smith.  I grew up in Lancaster and graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School.  I attended Clarion University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Psychology.  After working for several years in the mental health field I attended Millersville University as a graduate students and earned my teaching certificate.  I taught one year at Quarryville Elementary and moved to Penn Manor in 2003.  After teaching kindergarten for 3 years I moved to third grade.   I love teaching 3rd graders.

When I am not teaching I am a wife and mom.  I live in Lititz with my husband Mark who is a geologist and environmental scientist in Adamstown.  We spend most of our weekends and evenings running Libby, 11 and Pete, 7 ½ to scouts, swim team, horse back riding and ski slopes.  They spend most of their time chasing Hugo, our dog.  I also enjoy bicycling, camping and cooking from my garden.  I love all things coffee and am happiest with a Starbucks and a good biography sitting at the pool.


Penn Manor School District runs on a six-day schedule rather than a typical five-day week.  Each day that school is in session is counted as a cycle day.  If we should have a cancellation for weather on a day 5, the next school day becomes day 5.  This means that we will not have the same schedule on every Monday.

Specials Schedule Day 1 – Phys. Ed.  Day 2 – Art  Day 3 – Phys. Ed.  Day 4 – Music  Day 5 – Music  Day 6 – Library

Home Folders, Blogs & Newsletters

When there are papers that need to be sent home you will find them in your child’s Home Folder. It is imperative that you check the folders carefully. There may be papers that need to be sent back or information about upcoming events.  Our classroom newsletter, “From the desk of Mrs. Smith” will come home at the end of each month and will include a calendar of important dates.  Please look for it in your child’s home folder.  It will contain information about our classroom and school events.  Our class blog “the third degree” will also have lots of information and updates about our class.  I will try to update it at least weekly!


Homework is an important part of the third grade curriculum.  Homework will be assigned most evenings Monday through Thursday.    Everyday your child will record it in their assignment book.  It will come home daily and should be signed by a parent or adult who saw the completed homework.   Each missed assignment will be counted as a zero in my grade book. The work will be completed at recesses but the grade is still a zero.  I will check the homework and assignment sheets daily.  It is so important that the students learn now that the assignment paper must go to and from school daily complete and signed.  It is part of the assignment.   While I appreciate you emailing me or sending a note about work completed but not written down, it will not be counted as complete without the assignment sheet signed.

If you are concerned about the type or amount of homework coming home, please contact me.  I would be more than willing to discuss strategies and tips for making it easier for your family.

Birthdays, & Parties

Students are welcome to bring in a treat on his or her birthday.  You are invited to join us for the treat.  Please make the snacks ready to serve and preferably in a disposable container.  Napkins are also appreciated.  If your child is having a birthday party outside of school and would like to invite classmates I ask that you either invite everyone in the class or send the invitations through the mail.  This keeps feelings from being hurt.  Half birthdays can be celebrated for anyone with a summer birthday!  Please do not send in treats that contain peanuts to alleviate any trouble with allergies.

There will be several occasions during the year when we will celebrate with a party.  I will ask parents to donate items for the parties through our newsletter.  Please do not send in any food without my contacting me first.  Our day is very short and while other classes may be having parties we may not be.  Thank you for your cooperation.



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