Homework is an important part of the third grade curriculum.  Homework will be assigned most evenings Monday through Thursday.    Everyday your child will record it on their assignment sheet.  They will come home daily and should be signed by a parent or adult who saw the completed homework.   Each missed assignment will be counted as a zero in my grade book. The work will be completed at recesses but the grade is still a zero.  I will check the homework and assignment sheets daily.  Any incomplete assignments will be marked red for your information.  It is so important that the students learn now that the assignment paper must go to and from school daily complete and signed.  It is part of the assignment.   While I appreciate you emailing me or sending a note about work completed but not written down, it will not be counted as complete without the assignment sheet signed.

If you are concerned about the type or amount of homework coming home, please contact me.  I would be more than willing to discuss strategies and tips for making it easier for your family.

Here is a general outline of homework.

Reading – Student will be required to read 4 evenings a week.  I will also be assigning a specific reading assignment from our reading series once a cycle.  Ideally this wil come home on day 5 as a review for the comprehension test on day 6.

Spelling and Vocabulary – New lists will come home on day 1.  Please keep the list in your child’s homefolder for the entire cycle.  Tests will bo on day 6.

Math – You can expect math homework to come home Monday-Thursday.  Students should also be practicing basic facts at least 3 nights a week.


5 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Dear Mrs.Smith I think you are the best teacher ever! Please write back.
    Love, Dylan C.

  2. Thanks Dylan! Of all the kids I’ve called “Crook”, you are my favorite!

  3. dear Mrs. Smith,

    I think you’re the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. Yes I did do my homework

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