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Chapter 11 Key – Check your work from class!

Don’t Forget to use the Chapter 11 Agenda to play some review games too!

Don’t Forget you can take an online practice test too:

Go to the math Math Website and enter your student username and password.  Then choose the correct chapter and Practice, Review and Reflect.  Look for the scroll bar and find the red check mark.  This will open the practice test.

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Wonderful Math Fact Websites

We have been practicing our multiplication facts for a few weeks but there is still more to be done.  Here are some GREAT websites with fun games that the class has loved playing.  Check them out!


 Math Series ONLINE Support

3rd Grade Parents~ Our  math series, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, has an online support system for students and parents, and we’d like to share the site with you!
Click on Grade 3

What will you find on the above link?

*Support for each lesson from each chapter taught in class

*Online tools and tutorials for a variety of skills

*Practice quizzes and tests

*Student activities, games, and resources to extend math concepts and skills

*Information and resources to help make school and home connections

*StudentWorks Plus Online~ Use this code
to utilize this valuable online component:

Use the site to help you throughout each math chapter!  Take quizzes & tests!
Practice your facts!  Have fun!  Learn,learn, learn!  Go 3rd grade math students!

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