Viewing Shared Google Calendars

Shared calendars are a fantastic way for buildings to keep track of their request-able items and rooms.  It allows faculty and staff to plan usage on their own without a micromanaged schedule.  I have create a how-to for viewing any Google Calendar that is shared with you.  Click  here to view the quick guide.  As always, please feel free to message or call ext. 1776 for any questions you have!



Save your photos on your Mac

If you are one of the few individuals with a MacBook within the District, we will be slowly transitioning all of you over to Lenovo laptops within the next year.  One of the biggest concerns is in regards to photos and how to save them in the event of the transition or even a hard drive failure.  Well, have no fear!  Google has created an excellent solution that allows you to take your photos with you and have access to them anywhere at anytime.  It’s called Google Photos.

While on your Mac, click here to install the application you’ll need on your desktop.  Just a reminder that you’ll need a tech to install software, so just reach out to one of us, and we’d be happy to help!  All you’ll need is your Penn Manor email credentials, and the app will start backing up your photos.   In order to access them from any machine, you’ll log into your Gmail accounts, click on the “waffle”, choose more, and Photos will be one of the options.

That’s it!  You’ll be able to feel secure in knowing all your photos are backed up in the Google cloud.

Enabling Flash in Chrome and Firefox

Flash is a technology that allows for animation in websites. Unfortunately, flash has some security flaws, so browsers are starting to take measures to safeguard you against malicious code.

Take a look at the document below for some help on enabling flash in Google Chrome and Firefox for a temporary fix.