December 6th Updates

Tomorrow is book exchange so bring your library books!

Table Talk

Math – long division and what how to evaluate remainders

Reading – nonfiction -fact verses opinion

Writing – providing evidence for your answer and analysis

Grammar – all about verbs, verbs, and verbs – tenses and helping verbs

Content – Science is done tomorrow and my class stays with me now for Social Studies – landforms and geography

November 28th Updates


  1. Friday – quiz in robust vocabulary and spelling, main idea and supporting detail unit test Friday. 
  2. Book orders due Friday – ordering on line is the best way to go and you just have to email me and let me know you did this.  I’ll release the orders.
  3. Heart Challenge money due – 12/3 (formally Jump Rope for Heart)
  4. Martic Holiday Happenings – 12/7 5-8 pm

Help Needed

  1. Long division practice – 
  2. Basic math facts practice – testing out of 7s Friday and on to the 8s by the end of December.
  3. We are still working on our 40 books challenge list for the year.  Keep reading!

Thank you to everyone that sent in pictures from your Thanksgiving weekend.  They were great to savor and share with the class.  

November 18th Updates

Reminders – No school November 22nd through 26th.  There is an early dismissal on November 21st. 

No spelling list for this week due to it being a 3 day week.  We will continue our spelling lists right after the Thanksgiving break.

Just a reminder, Mr. Thompson and I switch for Science and Social Studies this report period.  He is teaching Science to my class right now and then after December 7th I’ll be teaching Social Studies to our class.  You will only see Science grades in Sapphire right now and then after December 7th you’ll begin to see Social Studies grades.  

We are also switching for literature groups for the next two months,  to further build our 4th grade friends strength in reading and comprehension. This begins tomorrow. 

Help Needed – Thank you!

  1. Practicing math facts so your child can test out of all of them.  A few minutes at night does make a difference.
  2. We are beginning to learn how to complete long division.  Practicing the steps of it at home is important and will give them a boost.