March 11th Updates

Spelling test is Wednesday. We are taking an extra long time to prepare for this one.

Friday is an electricity unit test. A study guide was distributed.

Thursday is our field trip. Children need to be at school by 8:00, and then we will load the buses by 8:15 and leave for Harrisburg, PA. There will be a teacher by the door to let them in the building. If they are packing, place their lunches in a sealed plastic bag with their name on it and 4 Aucott, then place it in a plastic grocery bag. It will eliminate leakage from one lunch to the other. Chaperones should also be at school by 8:00, so they can be with their group on the bus. It will be a great day! Thank you PTO for underwriting this trip. Children an come to school on Thursday, without their backpacks since we will be out of town the entire school day.

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