About Mrs. Aucott

It is always interesting to know a little about your child’s teacher, so I thought I would share some details that I think are important.  I am a mother of two girls, Christy and Becky.   They have both graduated from college and are business professionals.  They are very close and have always been best friends and for that we are thankful.  Meanwhile my husband and I enjoy staying active in sports and outside activities.

I have taught in the Penn Manor district for 21 years and before that was a Business/Financial Analyst for many years.  I was involved with childrens’ programs outside of work before deciding to change careers.  My love of children, seeing them learn and grow, and communicating to them there is a place for them in this dynamic world was the inspiration to change careers.  I heard this statement that rang true for me,  “It is more important to have a significant life over a successful one”.  Teaching children is significant.  I love my job!

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