January 23rd Updates

This is the second semester and the order of our specials have changed.

Day A – Library and on even cycles book exchange – Today begins cycle 24

Day B – Art

Day C – Music

Day D – PE

Box Tops will be collected January 31st again. Thank you for them all!

No spelling list this week due to the early dismissal and having Monday off. Next week we return to our normal schedule.

January 8th Updates

Boy are we back! Today we were using Google My Maps to highlight 5 important places in Pennsylvania for people to see when touring. It was the class’s first exposure to it. They did great!

Google my Maps
Another picture of us using Google my Maps

Reminders for this week. We are back to our usual schedule.

Spelling quiz Friday

Math chapter 7 test tomorrow – today’s review showed we are ready

Sketch of their created continent due tomorrow, written piece due and good copy of their continent (whole completed project) due the 16th. They have a rubric that details what should be on both. Children can show me the rough draft of their written portion by Friday. I had set benchmark due dates to help the class learn how to chunk a bigger assignment. The point is complete a little at a time.

This is what we have been learning:

Math – finishing patterns and beginning fractions

Reading – text features and text structures in non-fiction reading

Writing – TDA evidence and analysis

Grammar – adjectives

Social Studies – landforms of PA and its’ regions

Upcoming dates

January 18 and 21st there is no school for the children.

December 14th Updates


  1. Early dismissal Friday 
  2. Spelling test Friday
  3. Basic fact practice help and practice on long division still needed

Children have brought home a slip of paper with a request for supplies for their snowman – due Wednesday – 12/19. Thank you

Goal over the holiday – read one book – then create a video when the children get back to school about that book on Flipgrid -lastly we watch all the videos while enjoying hot chocolate!  

Table Talk

  1. Math – patterns and sequencing
  2. Reading – text features and structures
  3. Writing – analysis of TDAs 
  4. Science – completed with Mr. Thompson – check Sapphire
  5. Social Studies – geography – oceans and continents

Today’s interesting conversation in class – the tectonic plates and how they may effect the continents. 

Special Note – children are journaling on line each day (beginning today) about the two eagle cams we are watching here in PA and then in FL.  We have scientific observations about both of them.  

Robust Vocabulary work
Vocabulary work and teamwork
Go! Teamwork on the words!

December 6th Updates

Tomorrow is book exchange so bring your library books!

Table Talk

Math – long division and what how to evaluate remainders

Reading – nonfiction -fact verses opinion

Writing – providing evidence for your answer and analysis

Grammar – all about verbs, verbs, and verbs – tenses and helping verbs

Content – Science is done tomorrow and my class stays with me now for Social Studies – landforms and geography