Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the class code for Scholastic Books online ordering?
    • J428Q
    • Families are not obligated to purchase anything from a Scholastic Book form that comes home with your child.
  • What is the best way to reach Mrs. Kinderwater?
    • christine.kinderwater@pennmanor.net
    • I will respond to your email within 24 hours
  • What happens if homework is not completed?
    • If a student chooses to have incomplete assignment on the day it’s due, they will be required to complete it during recess(s).  If it is a graded assignment, student may lose 10% of their grade for each day the assignment is late.
  • What is the expectation for student headphones/earbuds?
    • Students are required to have headphones or earbuds available each school day. Students may keep them in their backpacks when not in use or in their desk.
    • Educational video clips/videos are regularly assigned in multiple subject areas, so students need to be able to watch them independently without distracting other students.
    • If you are having difficulty finding and/or providing inexpensive earbuds for your child, please let me know and I can provide assistance.
  • What are class points?
    • The class is rewarded for positive whole class behavior at the end of each day. There is a class goal for each month.*  If the class reaches their goal, they are rewarded with a prize voted on by the students. As for individual behavior issues, we use a tally/strike system.  A student earns a tally for breaking a rule or misbehavior as outlined in our class rules.  For every three tallies a student gets a strike.  Just as in baseball – three strikes you’re out.  That means the student does not participate in the class reward at the end of the month if they have earned 3 strikes during the reward time period.  *There may be times when the length of reward period is adjusted per teacher discretion. 
  • What is the schedule for Spelling tests?
    •  I typically assign the new spelling words and an independent practice packet due on the Thursday of that week, and the test is the following Friday.  Students are to record all due dates in their planners.
  • Do I need to sign my child’s planner?
    • I believe that 6th grade students should be responsible for their planners.  We take time each day to write assignments and important dates in the planners. Please ask to see your child’s planner but you do not need to sign it each night for me.