Student Learning Resources to be Available Monday, March 30th

Student Learning Resources to be Available Monday, March 30th
by bmalek

Penn Manor educators have developed continuity of education plans to help students continue learning from home while our schools are closed. 

Currently, schools are scheduled to reopen April 9, but that date may change depending on Governor Wolf’s orders.

We plan to roll out these learning activities, by grade level and subject, beginning at noon Monday, March 30. Please check back for a link to these resources.

These are optional, ungraded learning activities that students can complete from home. The resources have been developed to meet a variety of students’ needs and may not be the same across our school district. 

Beginning Monday, March 30, teachers will be accessible to students and parents and will respond to any questions about the learning activities in a timely manner.

Please check back on Monday. Thank you!

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Friday, March 27

Good Morning! I added two tabs/pages on the blog:

A Class of Readers–Students read to us! and A Place for Home Learning Resources

These should be the first two tabs after the HOME tab. As we get ready for eLearning, I will post the link for Penn Manor’s site in A Place for Home Learning Resources. I would love to hear from you as to what resources you have found for your children that they love. I will add them to our tab.

I hope I am making this uncomplicated for you. I never thought I would have to learn so much about what my computer could do to teach kindergarten, which is such a hands on age of learning. Hopefully through the resources and my posts you will find many hands on activities to do at home. Let me know how I can help!

Thank you for all of your emails and positive responses to what we are trying to put together. I will respond to all emails as fast as I can.

Miss you bunches!

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Last one today…promise

I think I have the video from me finally shareable for everyone! Bear with me as I learn some new things!

Like I said, Miss Fair misses you too…here’s a silly book from her to you!

Animals Definitely Should NOT Wear Clothing Miss Fair

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Video…take 2

Let’s see if this is shareable now…

Mrs. Kinser–Good Morning Kindergarten!

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Good Morning Kindergarten!

I hope you will be able to open this link…a little hello from me to you and letting you know what is coming up for the next week. 🙂

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Checking in…

Hello Families!
We are looking forward to returning back to some sense of “normalcy” and offer some online resources.  To be honest, at this time we do not know what this will look like.  The district’s teachers will be receiving training the remainder of this week and we will be figuring all of this out.  
The one thing we need to know right now is whether or not you have internet access.  If you can reply back with a yes or no and your child’s name, it would be greatly appreciated.
Please know that this venture is new for all of us.  There are so many uncertainties.  We appreciate your grace and patience in advance!!

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Weekly News: March 23 – 27

I hope this update finds you all home, safe, and well. At this point, we are still following our district’s directive that I sent out last week. No school for two weeks, no lessons or assignments to send out. I hope you can make the most of all the free resources that I see popping up on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Many author’s are posting free activities, even setting up certain times to follow them for an activity.

Most importantly, through this time, I want to encourage you to just “be”. Be with your kids. Be their support, be there to comfort them when they don’t understand why they aren’t going to school. Be their life teacher. The life activities you do are more than enough during this time. Reading aloud, making dinner or baking together, organizing, walking together…these are all wonderful life lessons that take minimal effort and make a lasting impact.

Thank you for your updates about your children. I miss them. A lot. I hope that by the end of this week we will know more about the district’s future. Hang in there. We can do this.

questions or concerns?

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March 18: What are you doing?

Hi Parents,

I miss my class. I miss your kids! Yes, really! If your child would like to send me an email, or a video post and let me know how they are doing, I would love to hear from them. I will also respond back to them. I am an extrovert so being alone with my own thoughts is really …lonely. I hope you have been able to take advantage of all of the fun and free resources that I am seeing being shared on Facebook. At this time, teachers are not to give out work to their classes, so until they give us the online type of education, use your best judgement as to what your kindergarten student needs at this time.

I hope to hear from you! Miss you all!

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Update from Penn Manor

Penn Manor schools are closed through March 27 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear whether that status will change or when we may be able to resume normal operations. As we all deal with this unprecedented challenge, we want to share some important information with parents:

  • The education of children is on hold as we consider options moving forward under the direction of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • We have decided not to pursue online learning for our students at this time. We would not be able to fulfill our legal and ethical obligation to serve every student appropriately via this means, and many of our students lack access to the internet at home. 
  • March 13 is now officially the end of the third marking period. Students’ grades will reflect assignments and assessments completed through that date. 
  • We are working to establish a system to provide breakfasts and lunches to families with children who qualify for free- or reduced-price meals, beginning Wednesday, March 18. More details will be released as they become available.
  • All buildings are undergoing a deep cleaning, including all carpeting, fabric surfaces and touch points.
  • Essential school district personnel, with minimal exceptions, will begin working from home Wednesday.
  • Buildings will be open to teachers and the public by appointment only beginning Wednesday, March 18. Visitors should call the school office to arrange a visit.
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No School March 16 – 27

I had a sad feeling Friday that I may not see my classes for a while. By the time we left we got word that we were not closing. I was relieved. Two hours later we were closed by Governor Wolf. Although I am sad and know what a difficult position this puts families in, I understand the concern the state has for our well being.

On Monday the school will update us as how to “teach” or proceed through the next two weeks. For now, I have links on my blog for Starfall for reading and math games. Print off the site words for kindergarten to have all the rainbow words. My other suggestion is to read, read, read to your children, and then read some more.

Book Orders: I will not process our book order until we return to school.

In these two weeks, enjoy the time with your kids, stay healthy, and let me know if I can buy some toilet paper from you…I’m almost out! (Just kidding, just wanted to lighten this blog a little!)

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