Weekly News: Sept. 16-20

Happenings this week:

Library: We needed to postpone last week’s library time, but we are on schedule to go this week. The first few times we go to the library will be for library knowledge lessons.

In Language Arts we add a new sight word, or popcorn word, “a”. We also will work on the letters n and m in addition to our letters t, b, f. Students should be able to recognize these letters quickly and know their sounds. They should also be able to give examples of words that begin with these letters.

In Math we begin a new chapter with positional words, above, below, next to, beside, under, over. Thank you for your homework support.

Looking ahead:

September 24: Fall Picture Day–if you need another picture form please let me know.

September 25: Apple Exploration Day–please send in any kind of apple with your child this day, the more varieties the better. We will conduct lots of science lessons with our apples. I will need two parents from the morning class and two parents from the the afternoon class that can help on this day. You do need your clearances. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer this day.

September 27: Early Dismissal PM Kindergarten attends 9:00 – 1:30. NO AM Kindergarten

September 29: Elementary Fun Run at Manor MS. 2:00 – 4:00

October 4: Race for Education

Any questions or concerns?? Please do not hesitate to contact me connie.kinser@pennmanor.net

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Book Orders going in Sunday evening

Our first book order will be placed Sunday night. You still have time to order. Thanks for all of the orders already.

You may order books for your child through the website scholastic.com/bookclubs. To get started you may either “find your child’s teacher” Connie Kinser, or type in our class code QFPVG.

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Weekly News: September 9 -13

Welcome Miss Fair! Miss Fair started her student teaching assignment with us the second week of school. Miss Fair attends Millersville University and will be with us part time through December (Wednesdays through Fridays) and full time beginning in January.

Our student teacher from Millersville University, Miss Fair.

Happenings this week:

Central Manor’s guidance counselor, Dr. Shannon Madara, will visit our class this week to talk to us about the character traits we are working on each month. This month is KINDNESS. Dr. Madara will visit us every month for a lesson and a time to talk with us.

We continue working on our handwriting of our names and the letters t, b, f. We start with the formation of lower case letters. We will also work on writing our names with a capital first then lower case letter for the rest of our names. If students can already write their names this way on the Fundations lines (see Language Arts tab for information) we will work with more letters and their formation.

In Math we are sorting objects by size, color, and weight. Thank you for the homework help!

We start our sight word lessons this week. Our first two words are the words I and a. I will send home a homework paper for the word of the week and usually a small booklet they can read to you and keep at home.

Library visits are this week as well! We will visit our library and start with a few lessons about the library, books and how to care for our books with Mrs. Reisinger.

A NOTE ABOUT SNACKS. We typically DO NOT have snacks during the class time. On occasion I will have an “edible” math lesson (like we will this week). We are fortunate that there are very few food allergies that I am able to provide a little snack lesson once in a while. Sometimes, I will ask for donations of certain food items to help our class. And let’s face it, kids (and teachers) LOVE SNACKS!

Looking ahead:

September 15: Scholastic Book Orders Due. There is a tab at the top of this page that will also give you the monthly information you need. Our class has been sponsored to get the 1.00 book for EVERY student EVERY month this year. For September they will receive the book Chrysanthemum! Thank you to our sponsors!!

September 24: Fall Picture Day

September 27: Early Dismissal PM Kindergarten attends 9:00 – 1:30. NO AM Kindergarten

October 4: Race for Education

A little more about Miss Fair. Miss Fair has lots of experience with children. Here’s a little more about her.

About Me
Every time I smell a campfire burning, I am reminded of why I wanted to become a teacher. Our sense of smell is linked to our memory more than any of the other senses. I smell the freshly cut grass and remember family picnics and soccer games. I smell the Pennsylvania Dutch potpie my mother used to spend all day making, and I am right back home, waiting not-so-patiently at the dinner table. When I smell a campfire, I remember the faces of children getting to experience roasting their own marshmallows for the first time, and I know I chose the right career for me.

My summers are spent connecting with nature at the YMCA Camp Shand, working in the
middle of nowhere with children who have never been challenged with looking away from a screen. My school year is spent at Millersville University as both a worker and student.
When I am not busy with those things, I love to sing my heart out. As I continue to grow an find my passions, I hope to help children do the same.

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Weekly News: September 3 – 6

Happenings this week:

Monday, September 2: NO SCHOOL. Enjoy time with your family!

This week we work on the letters t, b, and f. We listen for words that start and end with these letters as well as writing these letters. Our phonics lessons will include beginning and ending sounds, compound words (syllables) adding and deleting beginning sounds, letter name and sound drills.

In Math we begin a chapter on Classifying Objects. Math homework will come home two nights this week. They WILL need your help by reading the directions for them to complete it correctly. Please help your child correct mistakes right then at homework time.

We will also have some fun lessons on letters and our names. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a fun book we will read and have craftivities! It’s also Mrs. Kinser’s favorite time of the day when we can get out the scissors, crayons, and glue!!

Looking ahead:

September 15: Scholastic Book Orders Due. A flyer will come home this week. There is a tab at the top of this page that will also give you the monthly information you need. 🙂

September 24: Fall Picture Day

September 27: Early Dismissal PM Kindergarten attends 9:00 – 1:30. NO AM Kindergarten

October 4: Race for Education, see information below. 🙂

Race for Education info should have come home with your students by now! You can find your students personalized donation page by going to www.race4ed.com/cme
Green Mailers should not be sent back into the school and instead sent directly to the sponsor. Extra mailers are available in the office but remember, online donations are just 1 click away!
Have a great weekend!


Central Manor Elementary School PTO
Race for Education Fundraiser

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It’s cold in our classroom!

Brrrr…some days our classroom is just downright frigid! Please feel free to send along a zip up sweatshirt or a sweater for your child. (Please put their name or initials on the tag.) They may keep it in their backpack or in their cubby and put it on as needed. We tend to go from tropical to arctic in a matter of minutes somedays. 🙂

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Weekly News: August 26-29

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This blog will be printed and sent home on Monday, 8/26 for those that are not signed up for my blog yet.

We have had a great start to our school year! The children are off and running learning routines and making new friends. We used pencils, crayons, scissors and glue (oh my!) and reviewed colors. This week we will continue to work on our fine motor skills and start reading and math curriculum.

Thanks for returning paperwork! Please continue to check and use the yellow “STAR” folder DAILY for communication to and from the school. Help your child get into the habit of bringing papers back to school in the “green dot” side. He or she will need your support in this area, thanks!

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, August 28 is Meet the Teacher night! Feel free to drop in anytime between 4 and 6 PM with or without your child. You can check out some of his/her work and I’ll share some curriculum and general school information. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time!

Thursday, August 29 is our first early dismissal. AM Kindergarten attends 9-1:30. There is NO PM kindergarten that day! AM parents: Please fill out the blue paper with all the lunch and transportation details and return it to me. Thanks!

NO SCHOOL, Friday August 30th and Monday, September 2nd. School resumes on Tuesday, September 3rd. Happy Labor Day!

Any questions or concerns, please contact me via email or phone. I check my email every day!

connie.kinser@pennmanor.net     717-872-1401 ext. 3211

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Weekly News: August 21 – 23

Tomorrow is the big day! I look forward to seeing all of our newest Central Manor students!!!

Don’t forget…a back pack! Lots of papers coming home on the first day of school. All students receive a STAR folder to transport important papers to and from school in their backpack. The GREEN DOT SIDE will be papers that you need to send back to school. Tomorrow will be the Verification Form (emergency info) and a Handbook for school policies. They can be completed and returned on Thursday or Friday please. The RED DOT SIDE will have important school information and forms for you to keep at home.

Pencil box with supplies.

A big smile. 🙂

Scholastic Books. I was able to place our first order of the 1.00 books that the community has sponsored for our classes. We will get the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes within the first week or two of school.

Image result for chrysanthemum book

Please contact me with any questions or concerns! connie.kinser@pennmanor.net

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Kindergarten Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

AM Kindergarten


Bus Riders: Dismissed from buses at 8:50 AM

Upon entering the building, all kindergarten students wait in the lobby with Mrs. Kinser and Mrs. Glenn and are walked to class. Please do not park and walk your child to the front entrance, bus arrival is a very busy time. If you wish to drop your child off as a car rider please read below.

Car riders: The car rider drop off line is located on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church. Car riders can be dropped off at 8:50 AM. Please remain in your car when dropping your student off. Your child will have assistance to get to the kindergarten line that forms in the lobby. We ask that parents do not enter the building with their child. Thank you!


Students going to the YWCA WRAP program will be picked up at the classroom and escorted to the WRAP classroom located on our stage in the gym.

New for this year, all students must be promptly picked up at 11:35 AM from kindergarten on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church.

You will be directed by staff to form 2 lines, an inside line and an outer line. Mrs. Kinser’s students will have yellow dismissal car rider placards and Mrs. Glenn’s students will have blue placards. You will be provided with 2 car rider placard signs that must be visible to staff. These signs will have your child’s first and last name on them. Please display them in your passenger side window. All students will be walked and put into the back seat of cars. If you do not have your car rider placard you will be asked to pull off to the side and show ID to ensure the safety of your child.

PM Kindergarten


Drop-off for afternoon kindergarten is in front of Central Manor’s main entrance. Please form 2 lines, Mrs. Kinser’s class street side and Mrs. Glenn’s class school side, staff will help and direct you. At 12:50 PM Mrs. Kinser and Mrs. Glenn will assist your child from the vehicle and into the building, parents please remain in your cars. While you are waiting please refrain from allowing your child to hang out of the car window, this simply is not safe.


Mrs. Kinser, Mrs. Glenn and other school personnel will help with dismissal at 3:25 PM. The teachers will walk bus riders to their buses.

If your child is a car rider, he or she will be walked by school personnel to the car line on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church where you dropped them off for school. All students will be put into cars by staff before the car line is released. Please make sure you have your car rider placard displayed in your window so staff can identify which car to put students in. If you do not have a car rider placard you will be asked to pull aside and show ID. We also ask that all parents picking students up remain in their cars.

If you have a change to your regular pick-up/drop-off or need your child to be picked up by someone else, please notify your teacher and the school office at 717-872-1401.

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PM Food Service and Meal Assistance

PM Food Service & Meal Assistance

August 9, 2019

School is right around the corner. It’s not too early to start getting ready. You and your family may be eligible under a federal program for Child Nutrition: https://www.fns.usda.gov/cnp/fr-032019

Research has shown that good nutrition has a positive impact on a child’s ability to focus and learn. It is important that we provide a nurturing environment for each child, so that individual success as a student can be maximized.  We would encourage you to review the links below and submit an application.  Even kindergarten students can qualify for meals; which is certainly helpful if you plan to send them to breakfast or for the days when they have a chance to eat lunch at school with the older students.  Please contact Brian Malek for more details.  All information is confidential.  Many families are unaware that they qualify for this meal assistance program. 

Eligibility for 2019-20

Online application

PM Food Services

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Kindergarten Supply List 2019-2020

Backpack – big enough to carry a large library book

Pencil Box

Large Glue Sticks

16 Pack of Crayons

Black Expo marker

Clean  small sock for erasing mini whiteboards

Safety Scissors (optional)

Box of Tissues and/or Hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes for the classroom

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