It’s Summer Break!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the kind words and gifts you sent in for our last days in school. It truly was a blessing for me to work with each of your children and have your support from home! On behalf of Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Graver, they thank all of you for your kind words and gifts as well.

Today as of 1:00 I am now on summer vacation, but let’s face it, teachers don’t really take off all summer. We continue to plan, worry, and try to help our students. So here are some things you can do this summer when the “I’m bored” hits your household.

Work on the packets that were made for your child. There are reading, writing, and letter activities for them to complete.

Continue to review sight words and start to look at first grade words. Here is a list of the first grade words. The first words tested in first grade in September are the kindergarten sight words.

First grade words tested in September:

I   a   an   at   am  can   as   my   the   go   no   so   to   like   he   we   me   come   on   here   this   it   in   is   if  for   where   do   you   look   one   see   what   two   up   down   want   out   who   are   they   she   good   and   there   little   give that   have

First grade words tested in November:

it’s   help   now   in too no   into   had   has   get   soon   hold   him   black   did   find   much   thank   all   how   make   of   some   yes   big

First grade words tested in January:

first   eat   day   said   was   will   went   with   them   then   her   don’t   water   new   us   just   but   be   live   many   does   every   use   your   school   way   says   cold   for   from   their   under   very   or   came   made   could   saw   were   going   animals

First grade words tested in May:

play   fly   again   put   know   say  about   books   family   read   before   nothing   brown   by   please   buy   carry   would   our   over   pretty   gone   found   any   when   right   been   mother   should   warm   away   four   open  around   took   almost   people   light   blue   love   pulled   were   become   kinds   color   done   together   name  work   because   always

*In addition to the words listed above, students will also be retested on the November and January list as well. and are good sites to visit for games and activities to keep students learning.

I found this site that you can print off a booklet of daily activities that your child can complete each day. Kindergarten Summer Homework Packet

Did I mention what your job can be this summer to help your child be ready for first grade? READ! Read to your child every day…go to the library and get new adventures each week to read to your child. Read read read. Did I mention, READ?!

Happy Summer!

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