One Last Hello!

This is my last blog before I need to delete all my blogs and pictures to get ready for the next group of kindergarten students. Please download pictures you may want. You’re always welcome to come back to this blog for info, but I will deleting all of my subscribers soon. You can unsubscribe after reading this message if you would like too.

Several first grade teachers gave out an “All About Me” booklet. Not all students got one, but if they did your child is welcome to work on that and bring it in the first week of school to give to their new teacher.

Also…keep reading. The Summer Reading Challenge reward will only be given to those students that do the reading and bring in the reading log. You can look at previous blogs to get that information and download the reading log.

Happy Summer! Again I cannot express my gratitude enough for the students you sent me this year! It really was a stellar year and I still think about all of our great times in Kindergarten!

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