Mystery Readers and Classroom Gifts

Thank you to our Mystery Readers this week, and one more day to go for this week. We had a special video reader too! I hope your child is telling you about our flying to a new country each day. We are having fun with our travels and learning about other countries and how they celebrate Christmas.

I have gotten requests as to when the “wreaths” were going up. These were wreaths that teachers put their classroom wish list tag on. Then students or parents would take a tag for families to purchase in lieu of a teacher gift. This is not happening this year. BUT, if you are in the holiday shopping mood, and would like to find something for the teacher AND the class to enjoy, here are a few classroom ideas. Board games, puzzles (100 pieces or less), Crayola water color paints, playdoh (party size), fun colorful post it notes, mini winter erasers (we use them to count and put in ten frames), paper goods–plates, cups, mini cups, forks, baggies (sandwich, snack, quart, gallon), sidewalk chalk, I guess I’ll stop there for now. Please do not feel like a gift is necessary. I tell my kids they are my gifts! But some parents asked, so I’m answering. 🙂

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