Weekly News: January 6 – 10

Your child will bring home their Chapter 3 Math teen numbers test this week. If you would like your child to make corrections and return it to class you may do that. Teen numbers are difficult. Then the chapter throws in counting by 10s right after we establish that teen numbers start with a one…that makes for WRITING by 10s difficult as well. We will move into Chapter 4, but review teen numbers and keep writing by 10s in our focus.

This week I will test students’ reading on Friday. This is one of my favorite times of the year, to be able to work one on one with each student and have them read to me. We also test several other areas through this week and next, one on one, to prepare for report cards coming out at the end of the month.

Soon and very soon, it will be the 100th day of school. We love to celebrate with lots of 100 activities. One of those ways is 100 snacks! A yellow paper will come home later this week for parent approval of those snacks. If you would like to donate snacks, click here to sign up. You may send the snacks in anytime before Jan. 20. (The 100th day is tentative for Jan. 29…in the past snow days have changed this 100th day so we want to be prepared for the 29th, but it may not happen until later.)

Thank you for the new glue sticks and crayons for our classes. Everyone has new crayons and glue for the new year! Thank you thank you thank you!

In Search Of: Washbi tape. Boy and girl design and colors. I would like to do a craft activity with the students to help them with their daily reading assignments.

Looking ahead:

INFO coming soon about our Field Trip. If you would like to chaperone on this trip you MUST have your clearances.

Monday, January 13th: NO SCHOOL — teacher inservice day

Monday, January 20th: NO SCHOOL — Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday, January 24th: Early Dismissal — PM Kindergarten attends 9:00a.m. – 1:30 p.m. NO AM KINDERGARTEN.

Questions or concerns? Please contact me. connie.kinser@pennmanor.net

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