Weekly News: January 14 -17

Happenings this week:

No School: Monday January 13th Inservice Day for teachers

Tuesday, January 14th AM Library Book Exchange

Looking Ahead:

Field Trip: Save the date! AM Field Trip to the Hand on House is scheduled for Friday, April 24. PM Field Trip to the Hands on House is scheduled for Friday, May 8. Chaperones (parents/guardian/grandparent) are welcomed to join us (and go on the bus if we have enough room) ONLY if clearances are approved by the district. Chaperones are asked to pay 6.50 for this field trip.

100th day of school. A yellow paper will come home later this week for parent approval of those snacks. If you would like to donate snacks, click here to sign up. You may send the snacks in anytime before Jan. 20. (The 100th day is tentative for Jan. 29…in the past snow days have changed this 100th day so we want to be prepared for the 29th, but it may not happen until later.)

Monday, January 20th: NO SCHOOL — Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday, January 24th: Early Dismissal — PM Kindergarten attends 9:00a.m. – 1:30 p.m. NO AM KINDERGARTEN.

Please help your child READ each night for about 10 – 20 minutes. If they don’t have a book from reading group that day, there may be a writing paper they should do. Please check reading folders every day and sign the post it note. I am blown away with how well the students are doing in their reading groups and with the comprehension and word games we play in our groups.

And don’t worry if it seems like your child has “memorized” the book. There are several reasons memorizing is a good thing. But if it bothers you, ask them to close the book and tell you what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Was there a problem in the book? What was it, was there a solution? Can they name the characters in the book, the setting, or if it was fiction or non fiction. If the book had one more page in it, what would it say? Let them come up with another ending to the story. (These questions can all be a part of the 10 – 20 minute reading time.)

Questions or concerns, send me an email. I also love to hear the positive growth you may be seeing in your student as well! connie.kinser@pennmanor.net

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